Primary Palette– Signature Colors

Our signature color palette of Michigan Maize and Blue creates a powerful differentiator for our brand. Using this palette appropriately and consistently creates an additional layer of distinction. In general, the Block M is in maize and the type component is in white or blue.


  • The U-M blue can turn purple and the yellow to orange when printed on some materials. To obtain the best color representation, please ask your printer to “match the PMS color” and provide you with a color proof (non-electronic).
  • HEX colors are used for the web. • Use the CMYK code for Word documents
michigan maize Michigan Maize  HEX #FFCB05

PMS 7406
C0 M18 Y100 K0

Michigan BlueMichigan Blue HEX #00274C

PMS 282
C100 M60 Y0 K60


    College Colors

    Complementary colors are designated for each of the four colleges, and work as an accent color for materials. Examples of use can be found on each college’s home webpage. These colors should not be used in the official college logos.

    College Color 1COB HEX #81C5C3

    PMS 3245
    C49 M4 Y26 K0

    College Color 2CECS HEX #AFC3DB

    PMS 2717
    C30 M16 Y5 K0

    College Color 3CEHHS HEX #006EB2

    PMS 285
    C89 M54 Y4 K0

    College Color 4CASL HEX #6963A9

    PMS 2725
    C67 M66 Y4 K0

    Secondary Palette

    Tappan RedTappan Red HEX #9A3324

    PMS 484
    C8 M92 Y100 K33

    Ross OrangeRoss Orange HEX #D86018

    PMS 1595
    C0 M71 Y100 K3

    Wave Field GreenWave Field Green HEX #A5A508

    PMS 398
    C14 M6 Y100 K24

    Rackham Roof GreenRackham Roof Green HEX #75988D

    PMS 5565
    C44 M12 Y34 K24

    ​​​​Taubman tealTaubman Teal HEX #00B2A9

    PMS 326
    C81 M0 Y39 K0

    Arboretum BlueArboretum Blue HEX #2F65A7

    PMS 660
    C88 M50 Y0 K0

    A2 AmethystA2 Amethyst HEX #702082

    PMS 2603
    C72 M99 Y0 K3

    Matthaei VioletMatthaei Violet HEX #575294

    PMS 668
    C70 M77 Y7 K23

    UMMA TanUMMA Tan HEX #CFC096

    PMS 7502
    C6 M14 Y39 K8

    Burton Tower BeigeBurton Tower Beige HEX #9B9A6D

    PMS 451
    C21 M15 Y54 K31

    Angell Hall AshAngell Hall Ash HEX #989C97

    C14 M19 Y21 K39

    Law Quad StoneLaw Quad Stone HEX #80764B PMS WARM GRAY 11
    C26 M36 Y38 K68
    Diag M MetallicDiag M Metallic Print Only PMS 872
    Puma BlackPuma Black HEX #131516

    C100 M79 Y44 K93


    Web Colors

    The Drupal CMS manages colors and fonts on the UM-Dearborn website. Please use the following for any standalone applications/websites.

    Headers/Footers/CTAsHeaders/Footers/CTAs #00274C
    Navigation BarsNavigation Bars #FFCB05
    Content HeadingsContent Headings #7A121C
    Body Area Body Area (Backgrounds) #EFF0F1
    LinksLinks #0D57AA
    Body CopyBody Copy #222222


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