Canvas Help & Support - Video (Files)

Videos from the Canvas "Files" area can be downloaded from the "Files" menu or streamed online through an assignment, page, or other area of Canvas. This should only be used in an emergency situation. When using this method:

  • Storage space is limited and cannot be increased. You may only have enough space for one video and it will use the space for your regular course materials.
  • The streaming quality of this method is much lower than with any other method we have available for video. Both audio and video quality will be problematic for the students. 
  • The video will not be protected from download.

Support for these videos is provided directly by Canvas.  For assistance with a different Canvas issue, please see the Canvas Help and Support Page

Support by phone

Instructure 24/7 phone support for UM-Dearborn is available by calling 877-399-9105.

Support through chat

Please visit the 24/7 online chat support site for UM-Dearborn provided by Instructure.

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