Canvas Integrations

Canvas Integrations

Canvas is able to integrate with many 3rd party apps through the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Standard.  UM-Dearborn has already configured many app integrations, as listed in the table below.  Support for most 3rd party apps is provided by the vendor, not directly from Instructure (Canvas) or the UM-Dearborn Canvas Support Staff.

If you are interested in adding a new app to Canvas, contact the University Coordinator of Digital Education, Christopher Casey (, 313-593-3504).  Please make any app installation requests at least 30 days in advance to allow time for the process in the Integrating External Apps with the Learning Management System Policy to be followed.

Tool Description Privacy Agreement Canvas Status Support Provider
ALEKS Provides a complete web based educational environment for K-12 and Higher-Education mathematics, accounting, statistics, and chemistry. Developed by McGraw-Hill Pending approval Enabled Publisher (McGraw-Hill)
B&N Bookstore Provides access to FacultyEnlight and a link for students to purchase course books. Not required (anonymous data) Enabled None
Cengage Learning MindLinks Provides access to Cengage MindLinks content. Developed by Cengage. DPA Executed Enabled Publisher (Cengage)
EvaluationKit Provides access to the online course evaluation system used at UM-Dearborn. Developed by EvaluationKit. DPA executed Enabled UM-Dearborn Canvas Support
GoReact Provides an interactive cloud-based video software for feedback, grading and critique of student video assignments. DPA executed Enabled (CEHHS Pilot only) N/A
GradeCraft Provides access to the GradeCraft gameful learning platform, developed by the University of Michigan. Not required (U-M hosted) Enabled GradeCraft Support Team (
i>clicker Provides access to the i>clicker student response system DPA Executed Enabled (classroom configuration still required, download LMS_wizard.xml) Macmillan Learning
MediaSite Provides access to classroom lecture capture recordings for MediaSite equipped classrooms (CECS DLN courses only). Developed by MediaSite - Enabled (CECS DLN courses only) CECS DLN Video Production Personnel
MH Campus Provides access to the MH Campus suite. Developed by McGraw-Hill. Pending approval Enabled Publisher (McGraw-Hill)
MiVideo (Kaltura) MiVideo is the U-M branded version of Kaltura.  Provides video storage and playback options in Canvas.  The "Course Media Gallery" and "My Video" course menu items are part of MiVideo. Developed by Kaltura. DPA executed Enabled UM-Dearborn Canvas Support
Pearson MyLab and Mastering Provides access to MyLab and Mastering collections of online homework, tutorial, and assessment products. Developed by Pearson. Pending approval Enabled Publisher (Pearson)
Pearson Revel Provides access to Revel interactive learning environment. Developed by Pearson. Pending approval Enabled Publisher (Pearson)
The Learning Registry Provides content collected as part of the Learning Registry, an online initiative to share and reuse learning resources from across the Internet. Not required Enabled None
Tophat Provides an in-class student polling solution using mobile devices, tablets, or laptops. Developed by TopHat. DPA Executed Enabled TopHat
Turnitin Provides access to originality report scores. No Disabled (replaced with VeriCite) None
VeriCite Provides plagiarism detection originality report scores and details. DPA executed Enabled UM-Dearborn Canvas Support
WeBWorK Provides access to the WeBWorK math homework system hosted by faculty at U-M Ann Arbor. Not required (U-M hosted) Enabled None
Wikipedia Provides access to embed Wiki articles into assignments and pages. Not required (anonymous data) Enabled None
Wiley Efficient Learning Provides access to Wiley Efficient Learning content. DPA executed Enabled Publisher (Wiley)
WileyPlus Provides access to WileyPlus content. DPA executed Enabled Publisher (Wiley)
YouTube Provides easy access to embed YouTube videos into pages and assignments. Not required (anonymous data) Enabled None


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