Guest Student Admission

The University of Michigan-Dearborn welcomes applications from qualified guest students.

Students currently enrolled in a graduate program at another university (guest students), as well as students who have already earned a graduate degree (post-graduate students), may request permission to enroll in College of Business graduate courses as guest students. Guest and post-graduate registration is allowed on a space-available basis only, usually on or shortly after the first day each semester's courses begin. Prospective guest students should review the College of Business graduate course descriptions, paying particular attention to prerequisites, to determine which course(s) they wish to take. Prospective guest students must then:

  • Complete the UM-Dearborn graduate guest application and submit the application fee.  The application and application fee is valid for one semester. When a guest or post-graduate student requests enrollment for two consecutive terms at the time of initial application, the application fee will be waived for the second term of enrollment. The second term of enrollment is contingent on earning a grade of B or better in each course elected at UM-Dearborn. 
  • Have official transcripts sent directly to the College of Business Graduate Office from the student's undergraduate degree-granting institution, as well as any official transcripts for graduate coursework completed or in progress.
  • Provide written permission from their current graduate institution verifying enrollment in a graduate program and granting permission to elect the course(s) at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

The College of Business Graduate Office will review the previous documentation. If approved for guest admission, the College will contact the student with appropriate procedures for course registration. Guest and post-graduate students are allowed to elect a maximum of nine semester hours of credit. Credits earned as a guest or post-graduate student do not count as credit toward degree in the College of Business.  Graduate guest business students may contact or 313-593-5460 for additional information.

College of Business Graduate Office

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