CPA Exam Preparation

Any student in the College of Business may register for the Wiley Pro CPA review course at the discounted rate of $1,143 for all 4 parts (the regular rate is $2,199), or $310 for a single part (the regular rate is $599).

In addition, for students meeting the requirements below, the College of Business will reimburse 50% of the discounted costs to students who sit for at least one part of the exam within 12 months of graduation and will reimburse the full amount of the cost of each part of the exam the student passes within 12 months of graduation. 

Students must meet specific accounting and general business course requirements in order to qualify for the CPA examination in Michigan. See the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy for the official policies.

Benefits of the CPA Review Course

Students who take and complete Wiley Pro CPA review course on average perform much better on the CPA exam than students who do not take a review course. Wiley Pro review students have the highest CPA exam pass rates in the industry, about 90%.

Students enrolled in the review course will receive updates of electronic course materials until they pass those sections of the CPA exam.

Who is Eligible for Potential Reimbursement?

All COB students are eligible for the discounted price.  Accounting students may also be eligible for a reimbursement for some or all of the cost after taking the exam, as follows: 

How to Receive the Discounted Rate and Reimbursement

  • Contact the Department of Accounting and Finance before you graduate to obtain a special url you will use to register and pay the discounted rate for Wiley Pro. Print and save your receipt.
  • Your reimbursement must be requested within 12 months of graduating from UM-Dearborn.
  • To receive the full reimbursement, submit the receipt and proof of having passed those parts of the CPA exam. 
  • Alternatively, to receive the 50% reimbursement, submit the receipt and proof of having taken at least one section of the CPA exam.  
  • You may receive only one reimbursement. Since your reimbursement may be higher after passing more parts of the exam, it may be worthwhile to wait (not more than 12 months after graduation) to claim for reimbursement. 

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