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People identify the promise of University of Michigan-Dearborn and the quality it represents through our name and graphic identity. The “University of Michigan-Dearborn” name embodies our tradition, just as visual representations (seals, logos and other marks, and film or photographs of the campus, students, faculty and staff) represent the university and its values.

The “Block M” logo is one of the most recognizable university symbols nationwide. Using the "Block M" or other recognized marks add value to all those affiliated with it. And consistent use of recognizable logos and wordmarks reinforces the overall positive identity of the university. Every time the "Block M" is used, the public becomes more aware of the many facets that add such breadth to this university and relevance to their lives.



Dearborn Block M



The tagline for undergraduate recruitment is The Degree that Makes the Difference™. 

College and Department Logos

University of Michigan-Dearborn logos were designed for flexibility and can be used with names of University of Michigan-Dearborn colleges and departments with no loss of brand identity. You can browse and download college logos through Google Drive.

University Seal

The University of Michigan-Dearborn seal is available for official use only in communications from the chancellor and the Regents of the University of Michigan. 


If you have questions about the information above or your intended use of UM-Dearborn logos, please contact um-dearbornbrand@umich.edu at 313-593-5140.

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