Social Media

The university’s official social media presence is managed by the Office of Communications and Marketing.

This includes the university presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. The Office of Communications and Marketing also follows social media trends and looks for new opportunities to grow UM-Dearborn's social media presence. If you would like a story or article published about your department or program on these channels, please contact Jessica Bixby at

If you are interested in setting up a social media presence for your specific department, program or organization, you are asked to first complete the strategy outline and then get approval from the Office of Communications and Marketing and the senior administrator of your department, organization or college. 

If you develop a social media outpost for your organization or department, let us know. We are eager to build a community of UM-Dearborn groups using social media and to promote these channels.

Users Group

The Office of Communications and Marketing leads a working group of social media practitioners across the university. The goal of the group is to provide the practitioners with a forum to discuss social media tools and best practices, learn about new technologies, coordinate efforts and share information. The group meets regularly and also provides a resource for discussion and announcements.


If you are unsure about the information you are posting or what medium would be best to get your message out, please contact Jessica Bixby for guidance at

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