Co-Curricular Assessment Subcommittee

Co-Curricular Assessment Subcommittee

The Subcommittee assists in the coordination and oversight of co-curricular assessment in support of university-level assessment, utilizing a distributed model for assessment with local responsibility. The Subcommittee assists the Assessment Subcommittee in maintaining the University Assessment Plan by monitoring and supporting assessment activities in co-curricular units in Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Enrollment Management. (See the Subcommittee charge.)

Subcommittee goals: 

  • Develop, execute, and oversee a plan to implement assessment activities in all relevant or applicable co-curricular units by 2023 
  • Facilitate and monitor assessment and reporting activities by co-curricular units 
  • Support university-wide assessment strategies by supplementing academic assessment to gauge students' total and wide-ranging learning experiences

Assessment Subcommittee Membership Structure

Chair & Ex Officio, Academic Success Coordinator

Voting Members:

  • Three members from Academic Affairs 
  • Three members from Student Life 
  • One member from Student Government 

Subcommittee Members:

  • Jessica LaGrange (Chair), Director of Academic Success
  • John Taylor, Writing Center, Academic Affairs 
  • Nadine Anderson, Mardigian Library, Academic Affairs
  • Ali Pavlicek, START, Academic Affairs
  • TBD, Office of Student Life, Student Life
  • TBD, Office of Student Life, Student Life
  • TBD, Office of Student Life, Student Life
  • TBD, Student Government