Digital Education Subcommittee

Digital Education Subcommittee Charge & Membership

The Digital Education Subcommittee of UCDC assists in the development and coordination of university-level digital education academic and administrative policies, and provides advice and counsel on the campus's digital education strategy. (See: Digital Education Subcommittee Charter)

Digital Education Membership

Voting Members:
Associate Provost for Digital Education (votes only to break a tie)
One representative from each college

Committee Advisors:
University Coordinator for Online Learning
Library representative
University Registrar
Instructional Designer, HUB

Current Digital Education Subcommittee Members

Chair: Mitch Sollenberger, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education and Student Success

• Kristin Poling - CASL (ends summer 2024)

• Samir Rawashdeh - CECS (ends summer 2023)

• Kyongson Park - CEHHS (ends summer 2024)

• Lee Freeman - COB (ends summer 2023)


• Christopher Casey - University Coordinator of Digital Education

• Timothy Taylor - Registrar

• Raya Samet - Library

• Carla Vecchiola - Director of the Hub for Teaching and Learning Resources

Digital Education Subcommittee Meeting Minutes