Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM Forms & Resources)

CourseLeaf CIM (Curriculum Inventory Management) is the new software used for all curriculum related matters at UM-Dearborn. CIM contains a workflow component and is used for the following curriculum actions:

  • Creating a new course
  • Modifying an existing course
  • Deactivating a course
  • Creating a new program
  • Modifying an existing program
  • Deactivating a program 
  • Modifying a program CIP code

Logging Into CIM

If you are denied access when attempting to login using the links below, it is likely because you have not gone through formal training and have not been added to the system. If you need access, please contact [email protected].

NOTE: The course/program proposal forms do not save automatically. You must save them to prevent losing information (and can continue working or return to them later). If you lose internet access (computer shutting down/going to sleep/shutting a laptop), you will lose any unsaved work and will receive a general error message when attempting to save later.


CIM Instructions (How-tos)


Need access, training, or have questions? 

Contact: [email protected]