Policies and Procedures

The policies and procedures listed below are the responsibility of each student to be aware of.

It is the responsibility of every student to be aware of the policies and procedures of UM-Dearborn and the College of Business. Many of these can be found in the University Catalog. Those links are included below. Other important information is provided on this page. 

Academic Integrity and Academic Code of Conduct

Academic Probation

Additive Credit

These courses do not count in hours toward the degree or GPA. 

BBA Residency

Once admitted to the BBA program with professional standing, COB students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours before they are eligible for graduation (effective for students entering the University Fall 2017 and later). Students admitted prior to Fall 2017 must complete a minimum of 33 credit hours once admitted to the BBA. 

Class Standing

  • Freshman: 0-24 credits
  • Sophomore: 25-54 credits
  • Junior: 55-84 credits
  • Senior: 85 credits and above

College of Business Course Limit

Students not admitted to the BBA program with professional standing may elect a maximum of 30 credit hours of College of Business coursework. 

Grade Changes

Grades: I (Incomplete) and X (Absent from Final Exam)

Guesting at Another School

Once admitted, the following business courses must be completed at UM-Dearborn: OM 300, DS 300, DS 301, BA 300, FIN 401, and BPS 451.  Please refer to the Taking Courses Outside UM-Dearborn webpage for complete details on guesting at other institutions. Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor if they intend to elect coursework off campus.

Pass/Fail Grading Option

COB Students may not take any College of Business courses on a pass/fail basis. Only general education and non-business courses applied as electives may be taken as pass/fail.  A maximum of four courses may be elected pass/fail. A designation of  "P" is recorded for a grade of C- or better. Grades of D+, D, D-, or E grade will be recorded as an "F" on the transcript, and the credits will not be used towards degree. The grade mode for a course may not be changed after the Add registration deadline for the term. Once a course is taken P/F, it cannot be repeated for a grade, or vice/versa. 

Pass/No Record Covid Grading Option

Grades converted to the P/NRC grade mode for the Fall 2020 semester and beyond will be used in the calculation of the College of Business grade point average for admission to the BBA. A minimum grade of C is required for all BBA prerequisite courses. Courses taken P/NRC do not count toward the four-course P/F limit.


Repeated Courses

Senior Residency for a Degree

A student may elect to take a maximum of 2 classes at another institution once they are within their last 36 credits toward degree completion. 

Waitlist Policy for College of Business Courses

Inquiries regarding waitlist standing for College of Business classes should be emailed to the COB Student Services Office at [email protected]. Do not contact COB faculty regarding this matter. They do not have the authority to permit students to register for a closed course. For on-campus courses, waitlisted students should attend class and sign in during the first two weeks of the term in order to be considered for a spot in the class. 

For non-COB classes, waitlisted students should contact the course instructor to inquire whether it is possible to be added.

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