With over four thousand colleges and universities in the United States, you've got plenty of choices to continue your education.  Finding a good match will take some investigating.  Start by compiling a list of potential schools, create a criteria to determine which schools you would like to consider, compare the pros and cons of each, then visit the schools you at the top of your list.

Below are a few starting points: a list of criteria, visit checklist, and resources to help you get started.

  • College Search Criteria
    • majors available
    • cost
    • opportunities for financial aid
    • location
    • safety
    • size of enrollment
    • academic strength
    • admissions selectivity
    • academic support available
    • sense of community on campus
    • affiliation - public, private, or religious
    • minority representation
    • gender ratio
    • types of housing
    • specialized programs
    • student activities on campus
    • athletic programs
  • Gather Information
    • Pick up a student newspaper, college catalogs, information bulletins
    • Find out what courses, grades, and test scores are required for admission
    • Find out how to complete an application and if there are fees
    • Visit the University's YouTube site for videos
    • Take a Virtual Tour if possible
    • Talk to college representatives before visiting
    • Talk to you high school counselors and teachers
    • Ask professionals in your desired field study
    • Plan to visit campuses of your top three schools
  • Campus Visit Checklist
    • Attend an information session, such as Discover Dearborn Days.
    • Stop by the admissions office to talk to an admissions counselor
    • Sit in on class session, if possible
    • Meet with a professor who teaches in your field of interest
    • Talk to students
    • Visit the University's Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and Snapchat sites for current happenings
    • Take a campus tour and ask to see the classrooms for the 
    • Talk to students about campus life, events, and organizations
    • Visit the library, the bookstore, and dining areas
    • Walk around the campus and see the surrounding communities
    • Visit the career center and advising office

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