UM-Dearborn Event Space Standards

Facility usage at the University of Michigan-Dearborn is governed by university standards for building use that recognize protocols for academic and non-academic spaces. University Unions & Events (UUE) is pledged to event management practices that respect the primary purpose of campus facilities and resources by scheduling meetings and event activity into appropriately designated event spaces. 

UUE is proud to serve as the campus department for scheduling events and associated services for the university. Our team will proceed in fall 2022 and beyond to meet the colleges’ facilities academic space usage expectations while optimizing use of campus event facilities to the benefit of students, faculty, staff and community.

The new Engineering Lab Building is a student-focused academic building designed to inspire collaboration, innovation and cross-disciplinary teamwork. The primary intent of the building’s spaces, including the soaring Weiser Family Atrium, is to support academics and related activities of the College of Engineering and Computer Science. 

Traditional campus event spaces were unavailable for scheduling during the pandemic. These spaces underwent renovations, technology upgrades, and were reappointed as classrooms. In the absence of these rooms, several university, departmental, and campus partner events were hosted in the Weiser Family Atrium. A review of this activity revealed that technology support and other campus service teams were significantly stretched beyond their designed platforms and staffing. Even though creative event delivery protocols were devised and implemented to make events as complementary as possible to the ongoing research and class instruction, the boundaries between the two functions were strained. 

The ELB atrium is recognized as an academic building common space whose primary purpose is student support. Rare alternative use of this, or any other, designated academic space will only be considered when its function poses no conflict to student academic support.

UUE supports the primary purpose of the ELB and all other campus academic spaces. All future event requests will be served by identifying and assigning approved, designated campus event facilities and locations that appropriately meet the needs of the event. 

The James C. Renick University Center and Fairlane Center are once again available to offer refurbished campus event locations that are returned to their intended purpose. UUE is excited to guide the community in its return to hosting events in rooms and spaces with storied histories of memorable events. Kochoff Hall, Michigan Room, Quad E, Quad F, FCN and RUC meeting rooms, and more will again serve the campus as the gathering places for building community and communication.   

Thank you for this opportunity to share our Event Space Standards for scheduling campus events. We look forward to creating a vibrant future of community engagement together.


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