Early Childhood Program Committee

The Early Childhood Program Committee (ECPC) serves as an Executive Committee for the Early Childhood Education Center.  It is chaired by the ECEC director.  It is concerned with the academic functions of the ECEC and its relationship to the overall College of Education and Health and Human Services (CEHHS) and the Early Childhood Program. 

The committee deals with such issues as teacher preparation and child studies at the ECEC, as well as program evaluation, and curriculum development.  It also reviews and acts on parent petitions for exceptions to ECEC regulations on admission, tuition, etc. and makes recommendations on all aspects of Early Childhood Education Center functions.  This committee negotiates difficulties and differences that arise between students, parents and teachers. 

Committee members include the teachers of the classrooms, ECEC administrative staff and the cooperating CEHHS faculty members.

ECEC Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is appointed by the dean of The College of Education, Health, and Human Services (CEHHS), is chaired by the Center director and is composed of representatives of Center parents, the campus community, the outside community and the Center staff.  It meets at least three times per school year to review Center operations and to advise the Center administration on policy matters.  It also serves as a link between the CEHHS, the parents of children enrolled at the Center and the campus community.

Parent Association Committee

As a parent or guardian of a child enrolled in the ECEC you are automatically a member of the ECEC Parent Association. The Parent Association is recognized as having a special interest in the Center's operation. All Center parents are encouraged to participate in the Parent Association. The Association is an advocate for Center parent interests, has representatives on the Early Childhood Education Center Advisory Board, and contributes services and funds to the Center on a voluntary basis. In addition, the Parent Association awards scholarship funds annually to ECEC families.

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