ECEC Tuition Support Scholarship

The ECEC has provided a quality preschool program to children of students, faculty, staff and the community for over 30 years.

The ECEC recognizes the cost of high quality education and care. Scholarships are offered at the beginning of the school year to help defray tuition costs for current ECEC families. The amount awarded is determined by available funds and an applicant's need.  It is then applied toward the child's tuition at the ECEC.  Typical scholarships offered are as follows:

  • Parent Association Tuition Award ~ Priority will be given to families with financial need (student families, faculty/staff families, community families)
  • Jack Finkelstein Memorial Scholarship Award ~ Priority will be given to student families with financial need

The ECEC believes in providing assistance to as many qualified applicants as possible and therefore the total scholarship amount available is distributed among several recipients.  The typical scholarship will range around $100 per family and could be as high as $500 per family.

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