The preschool classrooms are multi-aged classrooms focusing on child-centered investigations that help guide our curriculum.

Teachers offer children multiple opportunities for the construction of knowledge and allow children to revisit their ideas and understand concepts from various perspectives in order to deepen their understanding. The classrooms follow a Reggio Emilia inspired approach and are in line with practices that engage both the children and the teachers. The day consists of three key focuses: material exploration, whole group and reflection, and investigation learning groups.

Throughout the day, the children are exposed to a variety of materials, both new and familiar. This exploration of materials serves as a springboard for learning groups to evolve and investigations to begin. Based on children’s interactions with these materials, investigations can be expanded upon by lead teachers and students, to build upon prior learning.

A key aspect of our curriculum is reflection. Through the use of photographs, videos, and revisiting of materials, the children can build understanding while engaging in both long and short term projects. Even though reflection takes place throughout the day, a whole group reflection is also scheduled during morning and afternoon sessions. This reflection time may consist of a book, discussion, or similar activities planned by the lead teacher or student intern. This intentionally planned time involves both children and adults in an environment of inquiry, exploration, and discovery.

As interests develop and exploration continues, the lead teachers, student interns, and staff provoke children’s ideas by introducing new and challenging experiences to the groups. The children in the learning groups are able to build relationships, peer-mentor, and develop a better understanding together as the year continues.

If you would like to learn more about our approach to teaching and learning, please contact us for a tour.

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