Online Courses and Programs

Looking for Fully Online Options?

You can complete the MBAMS in Finance, MS-MarketingMBA/MS in Finance, and MBA/MSE-ISE fully online with no campus presence.

Choose an optional online MBA concentration in Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, Information Systems Management, International Business or Marketing, or choose from a large number of online elective courses that match your interests.

Not interested in the MBA, MS in Finance, or MS-Marketing? Even our campus-based programs include numerous online course options, which provides you additional flexibility for course scheduling.

Our online programs have the same course requirements and admission standards as our campus-based programs, and your diploma and academic transcript will look exactly the same as if you were a campus-based student. In other words, you're earning the same degree whether you complete it fully online, fully on campus, or in a hybrid format.

Interested in Hybrid Campus+Online Options?

We welcome students in our online programs to enroll in campus-based courses whenever they wish! In fact, we encourage online students to use campus-based resources and participate in face-to-face events, such as professional organizations and study-abroad opportunities, as often as they can.

Likewise, we welcome students in our campus-based programs to enroll in online courses, too. Students in our campus-based graduate programs often have several online course options.

The Online Experience

Whenever you enroll in an online course or degree program in the College of Business, we help you stay engaged and connected.

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