Looking for Fully Online Options?

You can complete the MBAMS in FinanceMBA/MS in Finance, and MBA/MSE-ISE fully online with no campus presence.

Complete an optional online MBA concentration in Accounting, Finance, Information Systems Management or International Business, or choose from a large number of online elective courses that match your interests.

Not interested in the MBA or MS in Finance? Even our campus-based programs include numerous online course options, which provides you additional flexibility for course scheduling.

Our online programs have the same course requirements and admission standards as our campus-based programs, and your diploma and academic transcript will look exactly the same as if you were a campus-based student. In other words, you're earning the same degree whether you complete it fully online, fully on campus, or a combination of the two.

Interested in Hybrid Campus+Online Options?

We welcome students in our online programs to enroll in campus-based courses whenever they wish! In fact, we encourage online students to use campus-based resources and participate in face-to-face events, such as professional organizations and study-abroad opportunities, as often as they can.

Likewise, we welcome students in our campus-based programs to enroll in online courses, too. Students in our campus-based graduate programs often have several online course options.

Top-Ranked Online Program

We are proud to be rated the #1 online MBA program in Michigan by U.S. News & World Report for 2021.  We are also rated among the top online MBA programs in the US by Poets&Quants for 2021.

The Online Experience

Whenever you enroll in an online course or degree program in the College of Business, we help you stay engaged and connected.

Personalized Attention and Support

As an online student, your professors are readily accessible to you, the same as if you were taking courses on campus. Also, we give you priority over campus-based students when it's time to register for your online courses each semester.

Whenever you need academic advising, just call us at 313-593-5460 to set up a phone appointment in the daytime or early evening. You can always ask a quick question by emailing us at umd-cobgradadvisor@umich.edu, too.

And although it's not required, we encourage online students to use campus-based resources and participate in face-to-face events, such as professional organizations and study-abroad opportunities, as often as they can.  Regardless, you'll have access to plenty of resources as an online student, including electronic access to the UM-Dearborn library.

An Asynchronous Virtual Classroom

In the College of Business, our online courses follow the regular semester schedule, but we deliver each course asynchronously. In other words, your professors will set deadlines for specific assignments, tests and other course activities, but they will provide you with a range of times within which to complete those activities. You do not have to log in at a specific time of day in order to participate in your online courses, so you can participate from anywhere in the world where you can find a good internet connection!

We offer a variety of ways to help you stay engaged in the online classroom. Most online courses in the College of Business involve some combination of threaded group discussions on readings, video, group work or projects, and quizzes and examinations.

Accessing Your Online Courses

We deliver our online courses using the Canvas learning management system.

Online courses will display in your Canvas portal 24 hours after you register for them in My UM-Dearborn. You will be able to access your Canvas courses starting on the first day of the term. Your Canvas login is your uniqname and kerberos password, the same as your login to your UM email.

If you need login information for My UM-Dearborn, please contact the Registrar’s office at 313-583-6500 or registrars@umich.edu.

College of Business Graduate Office

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