The Provost Office is committed to ensuring all students are provided with the opportunity to learn, persist, and graduate during their time at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

Since 2016, the Provost Office, colleges, and campus partners have been operating in partnership under a Student Success Strategic Plan to plan, implement, and track initiatives that will enhance our students' success. Below are just some of the initiatives that have been launched in order to improve student success on our campus. 

  • Student Success Collaborative

    The Student Success Collaborative is a data analytics and advising software program that supports Deans, Department Chairs, faculty, academic advisors, and staff in better understanding and engaging with students and each other to support student success. 

    Visit the Student Success Collaborative page to learn more. 

  • Gateways To Completion

    In partnership with the John N. Gardner Institution, the Gateways to Completion (G2C) program engages faculty in course redesign in high DFWI (grades of D or F, withdrawals, and incompletes) courses. During the 3- year initiative, faculty and the project steering committee work with support personnel to design and implement evidence-based teaching practices in order to increase student learning, satisfaction, and academic success. 

    Visit the Gateways to Completion page to learn more. 

  • FastFOURward

    #FastFOURward is the UM-Dearborn initiative, launched in the Fall 2016 semester, to inform students of the techniques and benefits of finishing their degree in four years. As freshman, many students are unsure of how many credits are needed in each semester's curriculum to be on track for graduation. FastFOURward helps students understand how to achieve their dreams faster, and can allow them to save nearly $9,000 in tuition and fees at today's rates by finishing their degree in four years instead of five. This does not include the substantial opportunity cost of the year of salary missed out when delaying graduation. By finishing their degree earlier, students can save money and get a great start in life.

    Visit the FastFOURward page to learn more. 

  • Talent Gateway

    The Talent Gateway is an initiative unique to UM-Dearborn that empowers students to be agents of change in their own lives by connecting them with resources, experiences, and people who can help them prepare for a successful life ahead. Students reflect and build on a number of career-ready competencies through a series of challenges. 

    Visit the Talent Gateway page to learn more. 

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