Engineering Learning Center

Our Mission

The  mission of the Engineering Learning Center (ELC) is to support the academic success of the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) students in an open, inclusive, and student-focused environment that fosters students' ownership of their learning journey, in close partnership with faculty, staff, students, alumni as well as university and industry partners.

Our Approach

The ELC supports its mission through a holistic approach to learning and success that includes a variety of services and programs such as free tutoring, boot-camps, exam preparation, success coaching, and guided study sessions.  ELC services are tailored to engineering and computer science students, programs, and courses and cover major courses across the four CECS departments. The ELC services and programs are provided in collaboration with faculty, staff, students, alumni, and industry partners. The center complements and coordinates with existing UM-Dearborn academic success resources such as the Office of Academic Success, Experience+, Talent Gateway, peer learning centers (math, science, and writing), and the Mardigian Library.

We welcome your ideas!  If there’s something you think would add to your academic success in CECS, please email your ideas to [email protected]

Drop-in Tutoring

Tutoring is available on a drop-in basis in ELC

Guided Group Study Sessions

Please contact [email protected] if you would like to schedule a session in our new space

CECS ELC Peer Mentor Coordinator

Engineering Librarian

Our Engineering and Computer Science Librarian, Amy Seipke, will help you find resources (journal articles, data sets, or books) or if you need help forming a precise research question, doing a literature review, or managing your citations stop in for help or visit her handy research guides online. Amy can also be reached by email at [email protected].

Exam Preparation

Bootcamps and Review Sessions

The goal of bootcamps is to review fundamental concepts to prepare students to succeed in courses.  The bootcamps are held by peer students including supplemental instructors and tutors.

ME Career Planning and Advising

Advising and Academic Success

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