Kochoff Language Lab

The Kochoff Foreign Language Media Lab was developed to enhance the student language learning experience.

Welcome to the Language Lab! Come visit and improve your foreign language skills in the language lab (CASL 3065 / CASL 3094).

Our excellent language tutors are available to help you. During the Fall and Winter terms, tutoring is available both in person (drop-in) and online (by appointment). Please request a time

You can also access the language lab computers (CASL 3065 / 3094) remotely through MiDesktop. UMich Students also have free online access to Mango Languages, Yabla and SCOLA. Free apps like Duolingo are available at no cost in the Android and iOS Appstore.

The Kochoff Foreign Language Media Lab (KFLML) includes 20 computer workstations with dedicated graphic cards, three small workgroup stations, a laserjet printer, overhead LCD projector, and two film / TV viewing areas. 

Each computer is equipped with a headset and camera (Logitech C920) for remote communications, and optimized for language learning. Textbooks, resource books, a board game and video game collection, a collection of puppets, and a film collection are also available to students. There are also movable whiteboards throughout the room used by tutors, faculty and students.

Various events and activities take place in the language lab throughout the semester, including a karaoke competition, a cooking competition, student / faculty potlucks, & various cultural event celebrations. The language lab is set up like an active learning classroom with movable furniture, larger 55’ HD displays shared by every three workstations, and two other 55’ HD screens that students can use to view movies.

Our TV was recently upgraded to a 55' HDTV together with an Nvidia Shield Android box and Blu-Ray player. The TV is also connected to a computer for presentations and to display software in a larger screen. Another smart 55' HD TV with an Nvidia Shield and Blu-Ray player is located in the editing lab (CASL 3095) together with a couple of computers (1 PC and 1 iMac) optimized for video editing. Both HDTVs can be used for video conference / Skype sessions. 

In both CASL 3065 and CASL 3094 students can watch foreign language films from the DVD and VHS collection of over 500 films, as well as through streaming via Netflix, SCOLA, Hulu, YouTube and other sites. The lab also houses a collection of board games and video games in foreign languages. Online subscription services are also available from the UMich Ann Arbor Language Resource Center to students to help them improve their foreign language acquisition. 

In addition to the main language lab space (CASL 3065) students are also welcome to use the adjacent editing lab (CASL 3094) where students can meet in small groups, edit videos, or watch foreign films, or the study lounge (CASL 3100) to study in a more quiet space by yourself or with a small group by requesting the key to the space from a student worker in the Kochoff Foreign Language Media Lab (CASL 3065).