Centers & Institutes

Research at the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters

CASL is home to a number of research centers that produce scholarship, sponsor lectures, workshops, and symposia, and engage in projects relevant to the Dearborn and metropolitan Detroit community.

Center for Arab American Studies

Dearborn is one of the largest population centers for people of Arab descent outside of the Middle East. CAAS supports research and activities engaged with issues related to Arab Americans, Arab immigrants, and the global Arab community.

Center for Armenian Research

This is only university-based center for research on Armenia and Armenians in the United States. Established in 1985, the Center has an extensive archival collection utilized by scholars and researchers from around the world.

Center for Mathematics Education

This center is dedicated to improving the preparation of prospective mathematics teachers and providing continuous professional development opportunities for current teachers. It is a primary resource center for teachers and schools, and a leader in creating exemplary models of teacher education.

For more information, contact Prof. Yunus Zeytuncu.

Center for Ethnic and Religious Studies

The center provides a focus for multidisciplinary scholarly research on religion and its relationship to American society, with special attention to the traditions and communities of metropolitan Detroit, one of the most religiously diverse areas in the nation.

Environmental Interpretive Center

The EIC is an environmental research and education center whose mission is to promote human and ecosystem health and sustainability through environmental education, research, and service.

UM-Dearborn Observatory

The mission of the UM-Dearborn Observatory is to promote the understanding and advancement of astronomy for the benefit of the people of southeastern Michigan.