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The College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters recognizes that the undergraduate student experience is about more than choosing a major and taking classes. So we provide hands-on experiences to undergraduates — seminars, engaging programs, and community experiences that go beyond or expand upon academic majors.

These experiences are known as High-Impact Practices (HIPs), and result in more successful outcomes for the students who engage with them.

Advantages of HIPs

  • Leadership
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social responsibility
  • Global awareness
  • Teamwork
  • Critical thinking


Academic Service Learning/ Community Engagement

Through academic service learning (ASL), students gain a more intimate and deeper understanding of course content while engaging in the civic life of a community. ASL takes students beyond the classroom and into the community.

Academic Service Learning/Community Engagement

Clubs & Organizations

The campus is home to more than 145 student organizations, each one offering an opportunity to collaborate and connect ... Learn to lead — learn to listen — pursue your passion or explore new interests.

Clubs & Organizations

Foundations Course

Starting in Fall 2020, newly admitted CASL students will begin their UM-Dearborn journey by taking a Foundations course. This is a first-year-on-campus class, where students not only learn content related to the instructor's field, but also gain and develop practical academic skills and knowledge of campus supports and other High Impact Practices available later in a student's college career.  The course will fulfill at least one DDC requirement.


Honors Program

The Honors Program teaches you to think critically and independently, and to express your thoughts clearly and effectively. Classes are small, enabling you to interact closely with the faculty and each other.

Honors Program

There are some individual honors programs within the academic disciplines (e.g. economics, psychology). Students should discuss this opportunity with an advisor.


These programs provide you with direct experience in a work setting and give you the benefit of supervision and coaching from professionals in the field.

Internship Center

Study Abroad/Study Away

Take your learning experience to the next level and become globally literate by experiencing an in-depth study of another country and culture, while at the same time, getting credit towards your degree. 

Study Abroad/Study Away

Undergraduate Research

Virtually every CASL program offers you the opportunity to engage in research ... Students have the opportunity to present their projects.

CASL Undergraduate Research Showcase

Meeting of Minds

Virtual Undergraduate Research

Women in Learning and Leadership (WILL)

WILL is a program for undergraduate students that integrates Women’s and Gender Studies curriculum with leadership opportunities outside of the classroom.

WILL is part of a national set of programs devoted to fostering, developing, and supporting collegiate women’s leadership. It is a co-curricular program founded on three core principles:

  • Required women’s and gender studies-related coursework
  • A student-run leadership development organization
  • Women’s and gender-related programming outside of the classroom

Women in Learning and Leadership (WILL)

Writing/Capstone Projects

These courses emphasize writing at all levels of instruction and across the curriculum. Capstone projects require you to create a project that integrates and applies what you’ve learned.

Writing/Capstone Projects

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