CASL Legacy Lecture Series

Legacy Lecture Series for retiring faculty

The CASL Legacy Lecture Series provides retiring/recently retired faculty an opportunity to deliver a valedictory talk reflecting upon their careers and their time here at UM-Dearborn.

The series offers a wonderful way for the college to celebrate the lives and careers of our colleagues and an opportunity to learn from those who are beginning a new phase of their professional lives.

The format of these talks will vary depending upon individual interest but participants might include some of the following themes/topics:

  • Your life and background
  • Significant influences in your life
  • Your education and career and experiences
  • Your research
  • Your concept and strategy of teaching, and your philosophy of education
  • Reflections upon UM-Dearborn, its mission, its evolution, it’s future
  • What lesson might you want to impart if this were the last lecture you would ever give?            

Previously retired faculty are welcome to return to participate in this project. For those not able or interested in making a personal presentation, it is acceptable to prepare a written text that will be archived.  Both videos and written text will be put into a special archival space on Deep Blue.

CASL Legacy Lecture submission form

Once the lecture has been recorded, it needs to be submitted through this form. The form provides the uploader with information needed to post on Deep Blue. Besides the video, the faculty member can also submit their written thoughts.

Upload your lecture video or text

Deep Blue Submissions

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