Digital Signage Requests for Building Monitors


Digital signs are used throughout the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters (CASL):

  • To broadcast Emergency information and instructions
  • To inform the CASL community of upcoming CASL events and courses
  • To inform the community of CASL faculty, staff, students and alumni in the news
  • To inform the community of university news or information which impacts the CASL community

Display Guidelines:

  1. Use of high resolution color backgrounds and graphics is recommended.
  2. Pictures and images may not violate any copyright restrictions.
  3. Use of specific individual(s) image(s) must have their written permission to use image, submitted with appropriate forms.
  4. Any use of University of Michigan logos must follow university policy.
  5. CASL Dean or designee reserves the right to refuse posting any digital signage.

Approval Process:

Submit Request Form and Powerpoint Slide or jpeg. If you have any questions or need assistance in setting up your digital sign, contact Susan Gedert.

Approved requests are forwarded to Greg Taylor for implementation.

Unapproved requests are returned to the requestor.

CASL Administration

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