Educating tomorrow’s Difference Makers

A 21st-century education goes beyond the traditional classroom walls. Anthropologists visit Italy to unearth historic remains. A biology major spends years in a lab researching cures for triple negative breast cancer. And political scientists get experience working alongside top lawmakers. College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters faculty engage their students outside the traditional classroom, providing them with tools to succeed after graduation.

Learning in the Community

The College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters is committed to impacting our community through collaborative projects and initiatives that connect students to real-world applications and allow faculty to contribute their expertise to solving today’s problems.

High-Impact Practices (HIPs)

The College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters recognizes that the undergraduate student experience is about more than choosing a major and taking classes. So we provide hands-on experiences to undergraduates — seminars, engaging programs, and community experiences that go beyond or expand upon academic majors.

Leadership Opportunities, Student Organizations and Study Abroad

Broaden your horizons and learn to lead through involvement. CASL offers programs like Women in Learning in Leadership (WILL), dozens of student organizations and a variety of study abroad opportunities.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Resources and Events

Resources and events for faculty and students who are looking to expand their understanding and use of GIS tools and analysis in classes, research, and administrative applications, both within CASL and across the campus.


CASL Conversations

CASL faculty and staff are hosting virtual town halls during the 2020-21 academic year in order to share information with students. We're presenting information about academic programs and upcoming events, as well as introducing you to program directors, resources, faculty and staff who are here to support you!

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