CASL Graduate Advising

Current Graduate Students

Academic advising is primarily done by Program Directors with expertise in the area and with the support of our knowledgeable staff. Our collaborative advising model not only addresses accessibility and availability, but also provides a comprehensive and effective advising experience for our graduate students.

Please view our Graduate Programs page to see admissions criteria, program requirements and more. In addition, you can find information about relevant graduate programs and campus policies in the Graduate Catalog

CASL Graduate Advisors

Faculty Advisors 

Your faculty advisor can help with course planning and developing a study plan that fits your degree requirements with your individual learning goals. All students are strongly encouraged to meet with their advisor upon admission to develop a plan of study. This plan will chart your courses through graduation and meeting with your advisor to create your plan will enable you to discuss other critical matters related to your success in the program. 

Your program director serves as your initial advisor. Once you have started the program, they may work with you to select an advisor who most closely relates to your research interests and career goals. You can schedule an appointment with your advisor via email.

Course Planning and Registration

Each term it is important to check on your degree progress in Degree Works as you plan for registration. These resources can help you plan your schedule both independently and as you consult with your advisor.

Your program’s webpage may have more information on course schedules, recommended course sequencing, and more. 

CASL Advising Office 

The CASL Advising Office can support your administrative needs, including override requests for registration and processing submitted forms. 

For registration override requests, be sure to include your Name, UMID, CRN # requiring an override, and the error received when attempting to register. 

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