Center for Ethnic and Religious Studies

In 2001 in the wake of September 11th, faculty in the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters at the University of Michigan-Dearborn established a Center for the Study of Religion and Society.

The Center’s primary focus is to provide interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary scholarly research on religion and its relationship to American society, in addition to promoting interfaith relations and increased cross-cultural understanding.

In 2017, the Center changed its name to the Center for Ethnic and Religious Studies (CERS) to reflect its expanded research and programmatic focus on ethnically and culturally diverse populations and the issues they face in the U.S. society.  

Faculty affiliated with the Center for Ethnic and Religious Studies come from a range of disciplines including History, Anthropology, English, Political Science, Psychology, and Philosophy. Many are actively involved in research and outreach with the ethnically and religiously diverse communities in Dearborn and Metropolitan Detroit.

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Dr. Ivy Forsythe-Brown, Director 
4028A CASL Building 
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