Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters Dean's Office is to create an environment that enhances student success, faculty excellence, staff development, and the integrity and quality of all CASL academic programs by providing support for enrollment management, recruitment and outreach, curriculum and data analytics, communication services, human resource management, and financial operations.

Vision Statement

The College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters Dean’s Office aligns the college's resources to support an outstanding liberal arts education that champions diversity, inclusion, creative thought, and personal excellence designed to empower our students, faculty, and staff to be positive change agents within our communities.

Responsibilities within the Office and College

Marty Hershock, Dean
  • The review, promotion, recruitment, and retention of all faculty in the Arts, Sciences, and Letters while also overseeing assessment activities and reviews of academic departments and programs.
  • The academic administration, operational and financial management, long-term academic and financial planning, and overall direction of the college.
  • Fundraising in the Arts, Sciences, and Letters.
  • Ensuring student success and the integrity/quality of all CASL academic programs.
Marie Waung, Associate Dean
  • Ad Council
  • CASL Executive Committee 
  • Council of Associate Deans (COAD) 
  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Student complaints
  • Program development
    • PBL
    • CECS/CASL programs
    • CEHHS/CASL programs
  • Academic Code of Conduct Violations
  • Global Education (CASL rep)
  • High Impact Practices
    • PBL
    • Study Abroad 
    • Internship/Co-op programs 
  • Digital Education
  • Graduate programs and C-GEM (Council for Graduate Enrollment Management)
  • Independent studies management 
  • Policy development
  • Program reviews
  • College-Wide Programs 
    • SOAR 
  • CASL Advising
    • Academic Petitions 
    • Probation decisions
  • Curriculum Development
  • Co-curricular liaison
    • Directors of CASL’s four learning centers 
    • CASL Advising & START offices
Yunus Zeytuncu, Interim Associate Dean
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Program Development
    • PBL 
    • Undergraduate Research
    • Curriculum Committee 
  • Faculty Research 
  • High Impact Practices
    • Undergraduate Research
    • CASL Foundations Program
    • Study Abroad
  • Academic Standards Committee: Chancellor’s Medallion and Honors Scholars 
  • CASL Advising
  • College-Wide Programs 
  • Curriculum Development
  • Enrollment
Rita Gordon, Director of Administrative Services (Finance/HR)
  • Budget
  • Finance
  • Capital Projects
  • HR Administration
Nada Bachir, Assistant to the Dean
  • CASL Dean's Calendar
  • Office Operations
  • Meeting Minutes for Ad Council and Exec Committee
  • Department Access Coordinator (DAC)
  • Sandy Conference Room Scheduling 


Administrative Assistant duties

  • Office operations
  • Financial support
  • HR support
  • Promotion and Tenure
  • Sabbatical Leaves of Absence
  • College Policies and Procedures
Susan Gedert, CASL Marketing and Digital Content Specialist
  • Analyze, recommend, implement college and department marketing and communication plans
  • Manage the college's website as web ambassador/editor
  • Oversee marketing and communication projects and printing needs, including enewsletters, online forms, monitor requests, event/marketing materials
  • Social Media management for CASL's social platforms 
  • Undergraduate research event planner
Morgan Yuncker, Retention and Outreach Manager
  • Retention strategies for CASL
  • Student success initiatives 
  • Data analysis, collection and organization 
  • Assessment of retention and student success
  • Facilitation of articulation agreements and MOUs
  • Collaboration with campus-wide recruitment and retention initiatives 
  • Facilitate recruitment strategies for undergraduate and graduate platforms
Christine Kelly-Williams, Business Process Manager
  • New and existing business processes
  • Financials 
  • Concur
  • Research and grant support
  • Enrollment and data analytics 

CASL Administration

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