Composition Placement Appeal Process

Placement into Composition

All students are required to take six credit hours of Written and Oral Communication courses within the Dearborn Discovery Core. Incoming students will have an initial placement into COMP 105.

Students may choose to appeal their placement by submitting a portfolio for faculty review. If the appeal is successful, students will be placed in COMP 106.

If applicable, a student's placement may be based on an Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) exam result, or previous dual enrollment or college credit.

Appeals must be submitted by the end of the last week of classes in the first semester a student is enrolled.

To the student:

Your portfolio should be submitted through the form linked below. Questions can be sent to Professor Jerrice Donelson.

In order for a portfolio to be reviewed, it must include:

Writing Program Learning Outcomes

In an appeal situation we want to be sure you're prepared for COMP 106, so your letter should argue specifically how your writings fulfill the learning outcomes for COMP 105.  The learning outcomes are listed below.  

For example, two of the learning outcomes focus on approaching writing "as a process," and being able to effectively revise and give useful feedback to others on their writing.  To address these two learning outcomes, in your cover letter you might describe the steps you went through in revising one or more of your pieces, and also describe your experience of learning to give useful feedback to peers.