Applied and Computational Mathematics 4+1 Option

The Accelerated Masters Studies Option (4+1 Option) in Mathematics and Applied and Computational Mathematics (MATH-ACM) is designed to allow motivated students to earn both a B.S. or B.A. in Mathematics and an M.S. in Applied and Computational Mathematics with one additional year of coursework. This is achieved by a double-counting allowance of up to 15 credits or five graduate level (500-level or above) courses. One additional year of graduate work (15 credits) would be needed to complete the Master's program enabling students to earn two degrees in a total of five years.

Courses and Curriculum

MATH-ACM students may double count 15 credits (5 courses) of 500 level courses toward both the B.S./A.B. in Mathematics and M.S. in Applied and Computational Mathematics degrees. The courses double counted must be elected at the 500 level and include:

  • Math 551 (Advanced Calculus), Math 562 (Math Modeling), and either Math 572 (Numerical Analysis) or Math 573 (Matrix Computations). This satisfies part of both the Analysis/Algebra option and the Applied Courses for the B.S. and all of the Core requirements for the M.S. degree.
  • And either Option I, II or III:

A student may not receive credit for both a 400 and 500 level equivalent courses (for example, both Math 455 and Math 555).


4+1 Admission and Requirements

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