2021 Research Slam

Join us for the 7th annual CASL Faculty Research Slam

Thursday, October 28 ... 3:00-4:30 p.m. via Zoom webinar. To attend, click on the registration button.

Below is the list of faculty scheduled to present in seven minute formats. Click on presentation titles to view abstracts of the talks.

3:00-3:05: Welcome

4:25-4:30: Closing Remarks


2020 Research Slam

On October 30, the following faculty discussed their research in seven minute presentation formats. Some of the videos of their presentations are posted below

  • John Abramyan (biology): Genetic Analysis Reveals Early Tooth Loss in Toads 
  • Maya Barak (criminal justice): Rethinking Procedural Justice: Hypnobirthing and Immigration Court
  • Michael Dabkowski (mathematics): Nonlocal Equations: Understanding Coagulation and Fragmentation of Particle Clusters
  • Shelly Jarenski (English literature): "No Such Thing as a Black Cowboy”—Re-capturing Black Cowboy Culture and Black Eco-Critical Consciousness in Shelton Johnson’s Gloryland
  • Brian Dates (public administration and policy): The Effect of Transition to Telemental Health on Service Delivery in the Community Mental Health System in Response to SARS-Cov-II
  • Georgy Khabarovskiy (French): Ways of Traveling and Knowing in French Women’s Colonial Writings from the Interwar Period
  • Maureen Linker (philosophy): What we can learn from an 18th century British Philosopher about Ethical Leadership Today?: Hume on Natural Virtues
  • Zhong Xu Liu (psychology): Visual exploration facilitates memory formation: The involvement of the hippocampus
  • Kristin Poling (history): How City Walls Fell: Uncovering the Origins of a Modern Myth
  • Peter Oelkers (biology and biochemistry): Membranes, the Fabric of Life
  • Nadja Rottner (art history): Claes Oldenburg and the Beautiful Schlopp with a Cherry on Top
  • Tian An Wong (mathematics): Variations of a parallel search game


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