Annual Economics Award Winners: 2023 Recipients

Economics students are recognized annually.

 Austin Kipfmiller
Austin Kipfmiller

Student Leadership Award

This award is given annually to the students with the most outstanding contributions to student life in economics at UM-Dearborn. Most student leadership winners have usually given their contribution with their engagement and leadership in the Student Economics Club. Austin Kipfmiller was given the Student Leadership Award.

“Majoring in economics at UM-Dearborn was one of the best decisions I made during my time on campus. The faculty have been extremely supportive and readily available, eager to help students further their knowledge of current economic problems and providing various opportunities to hone our skills in the real world. In addition, the Economics Club has allowed me to build tremendous relationships with faculty and peers, an opportunity that I would strongly encourage to anyone within, or even outside, this discipline. I hope to apply the knowledge I have gained here with my degree to work in local government and provide economic insights and solutions to trending problems. ”

-Austin Kipfmiller


Brenden Pultorak
Brenden Pultorak

Economist Athlete Award

Training to be a successful athlete while keeping high academic standards is a remarkable achievement! The Economist Athlete Award goes to those economics majors with good academic performance who are also student athletes. The Economist Athlete Award was given to Brenden Pultorak

“Economics at UM-Dearborn has taught me how to evaluate alternatives and make better choices. I have developed both analytical and theoretical skills to evaluate data and make informed decisions. In a world of unlimited wants and limited resources, it is paramount to optimize our choices.” 

-Brenden Pultorak


Bella Bates
Bella Bates

Joan Robinson Award

The Joan Robinson Award was given to Bella Bates for her exceptional performance in the two intermediate economics theory courses, Econ 301 and Econ 302. 

“The UM-Dearborn Economics department has provided me with a wonderful environment to expand my interest in economics. The strong foundational tools I have developed throughout the program have helped me not just in my economics studies but will serve as valuable tools as I continue on to pursue a career in law. I am immensely grateful for the invaluable opportunities, unwavering support, and the lifelong relationships I have built during my journey. Thank you, UM-Dearborn's Economic Department, for helping shape me into a competent professional and a better student!”

-Bella Bates

Economics Honors Scholar

The Economics Honors Scholar award is given annually to the economics major with the best economics GPA earned primarily at UM-Dearborn.

For overall excellence in economics, Samantha Marulli was named the economics Honors Scholar.  The Honors Scholar award is given to the economics major with the best economics GPA earned primarily at UM-Dearborn. 


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