Multimedia Art (FNDS 3302)

Multimedia Art
Multimedia Art

How does something new in art emerge?

How do artists use their own body as a medium for art? How is the body augmented by film, video, and sound equipment in multimedia art? 

This course examines the interconnected histories of multimedia and performance art from the 1910s to now.  We consider the many ways in which the body and technology intersect as we trace how new imaging and sound technologies have changed the ways in which we perceive the world and express ourselves.

This course covers topics in the disciplines of Art History, Performance Studies and Film Studies.


Who should take this course?

Any first-year student wanting to learn how technology affects images, self-perception, and expression.

More about this course

Course number: FNDS 3302

Number of Credits: 3

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Dearborn Discovery Core requirements met: Humanities and the Arts

Meet your faculty member: Nadja Rottner, Associate Professor of Art History

One of the benefits of taking a Foundations course is gaining a faculty mentor that can support you throughout your college career. Get to know Nadja Rottner, faculty member for Multimedia Art.

Nadja Rottner


I specialize in twentieth century art. If time allows, I am working on a book on the intermedia poetry, performances, sculptures, and films of Pop artist Claes Oldenburg. Whenever I can, I visit artists in their studios to talk about their art. 


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