School of Rock (FNDS 1608)

This course examines the origins and evolution of Rock & Roll music from its American roots in the early 20th Century to its near global appeal by century’s end.

The course also explores the connections between the creation of the music and the political, economic and social trends of the period. Emphasis is also placed on the role of African Americans and women, as well as the impact of technology and media on the development of the genre. The emergence of Rock & Roll was, in many ways, a reflection of the time period it was developed in. This course will also explore those connections.

Who should take this course?

Students who are interested in the intersections between the history of Rock and Roll music and popular culture, media and technology, as well digital storytelling. Also, they should like to rock!

More about this course

Course number: FNDS 1608

Number of Credits: 4

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Dearborn Discovery Core requirements met: Humanities and the Arts

Meet your faculty member: Jamie Wraight, Lecturer IV in History; Director, The Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

One of the benefits of taking a Foundations course is gaining a faculty mentor that can support you throughout your college career. Get to know Jamie Wraight, faculty member for School of Rock.

Jamie Wraight, Lecturer IV in History


Jamie L. Wraight has been at UM-Dearborn since 2000, serving as both curator and director of the Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive. He also teaches courses in World History, Military History, the Holocaust, British History and Jack the Ripper.

His other passion is music, especially Rock and Roll! From Elvis to Ozzy, The Beatles to Billy Idol, Aerosmith to Pat Benatar and everything in between. If it rocks, he likes it.

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