You Call Them Nobel Prize Laureates? A Worldwide Perspective (FNDS 1307)

You Call Them Nobel Prize Laureates?


This course will empower you to be a better reader and a better judge of what you read!

We will learn to ‘close read’ international Nobel Prize bestsellers from various regions of the world. We will discuss the role of an author and that of the reader, what makes an author “a Nobel Prize winner” in Literature, and what these authors and books might have in common. By reading, discussing and critiquing, we will also learn their historical, geographical and cultural backgrounds. Finally, we will attempt to answer the question of which books deserve the Nobel Prize.

This course covers topics in the disciplines of World Literature and Literary Criticism.


Who should take this course?

Freshman and transfer students who are looking to strengthen their reading skills, and eager to learn about other countries' Nobel price winners. Students who are eager to discuss their ideas about plots, characters, genres, and world events.

More about this course

Course number: FNDS 1307

Number of Credits: 3

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Dearborn Discovery Core requirements met: Critical and Creative Thinking, Humanities and the Arts


Meet your faculty member: Gabriella Scarlatta, Professor of French

One of the benefits of taking a Foundations course is gaining a faculty mentor that can support you throughout your college career. Get to know Gabriella Scarlatta, faculty member for You Call Them Nobel Prize Laureates? A Worldwide Perspective.

Gabriella Scarlatta
Gabriella Scarlatta


Ciao! I am a Professor of French literature and culture. I was born and raised in Italy and my research focuses on the literature of the French and Italian Renaissance.

I love to read stories from all over the world and to be transported to new places and into the lives of fascinating characters. Reading, dissecting, and pondering all of the book’s components allows me to discover fresh insights and make powerful connections with my own life and surroundings. I hope you will join me in deciding whether these Nobel Prize authors really deserved the Nobel Prize.  After all, you are what you read!


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