Engineering our Future

Since 1959, UM-Dearborn’s College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) has had great success providing quality undergraduate and graduate programs in an environment that integrates engineering practice, research, and continuing professional education in close partnership with the engineering community.

CECS is building on its past as it transforms the future of the college, its students and the region with the addition of a new Engineering Lab Building (ELB).

CECS looks forward to remaining one of the state’s best engineering colleges, continuing to attract the best faculty to teach and do research in high-demand and emerging fields and draw the best students in the region to provide the many hands-on, experiential learning opportunities that critical to fill high-demand engineering jobs.

This vision will be realized with the new state-of-the-art Engineering Lab Building. 

The New ELB At-A-Glance:

  • 123,000 total square footage of the building
  • 33,600 square feet more space than the current building
  • 57,000 square feet of renovated building space
  • 66,000 square feet of new building space
  • 3 floors
  • 6 general classrooms
  • 40 teaching and research labs (including cybersecurity, human factors, bioengineering, robotics, and new materials)
  • 24 faculty offices
  • $90 million estimated cost of the building project
  • $30 million investment by the state of Michigan
  • Silver LEED Certified 

Read the latest news:

Professor Emeritus Malayappan Shridhar standing in front of the new Engineering Lab Building
Professor Emeritus Malayappan Shridhar in front of the new Engineering Lab Building.
A longtime favorite of students in the electrical and computer engineering department, Professor Emeritus Malayappan Shridhar is now sponsoring one of the ELB’s new student spaces.
Celebrating Donors 2019
Dennis Kirchoff ('79 B.S.E.) (right) and his wife, Susan Bennett, at Celebrating Donors.
Donors to the new Engineering Lab Building envision a space that transforms students' learning experience
New ELB under construction
CECS Alumni Affiliate creates student space in the new ELB
Mark Ritz and Lee Gorman
The Mark Ritz and Lee Gorman Group Study Room will provide a collaborative space to for students to share ideas, conceptualize projects and more.

The new ELB will lead to the development of new ideas, new innovations and potential new technologies. Shared research and lab spaces will provide faculty and students opportunities to work together on cutting-edge research projects from automotive to cyber security to advanced manufacturing. These projects will create jobs and prepare students to solve the challenging engineering problems facing society.

Yi Lu Murphey, Professor of ECE, Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Research, College of Engineering and Computer Science

Office of Institutional Advancement

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