At the College of Engineering and Computer Science, students use different computer and engineering laboratories and equipment as part of their program courses to test, apply, and practice what they are learning.

Students have the opportunity to gain hands-on learning experience in the classroom and by partnering with faculty as research assistants.

The New Engineering Lab Building

CECS looks forward to remaining one of the state’s best engineering colleges, continuing to attract the best faculty to teach and do research in high-demand and emerging fields and draw the best students in the region to provide the many hands-on, experiential learning opportunities that critical to fill high-demand engineering jobs. This vision will be realized with the new state-of-the-art Engineering Lab Building (ELB). 

Lab Safety Training

Environmental Health and Safety offers two on-line lab safety modules available for faculty, staff, and students to obtain appropriate lab safety training in the following subject matters:

  • Comprehensive Lab Safety Training
  • Biosafety/ Bloodborne Pathogens

EHS will manage on-line trainee documentation with a spreadsheet attached to this Google Form program. So we will have a running list of who has signed up and who has passed the quiz. The training is password protected for UM-Dearborn students, staff, faculty only. EHS will offer certificates for anyone who has successfully passed the associated lab safety quiz.

EHS and CECS will still offer classroom sessions, as we always have. We encourage anyone who needs lab safety training immediately, to take the appropriate on-line safety course. We also encourage the same person to take the next scheduled classroom session on the same subject so they can re-affirm what they went through in the on-line course. Personal interaction with a trainer is beneficial, especially if you have a question or are not clear on the training material.

Key Requests and Building Access

The safety and security of every department in CECS is our highest priority. 

  • Only staff and faculty members should submit key requests. 
  • If a student needs a key or access to your office/lab, a faculty or staff member must submit the request on their behalf.
  • Students must first complete Comprehensive Lab Safety Training before being granted access to labs. This training must be taken every year. Contact one of the DACs below to confirm whether a student's training is current.
  • Students will not receive key access to teaching labs. Instead, please submit building access or short term access forms when necessary.

CECS Department Access Coordinators: Christine Homan ( or Eric Kirk (

How to request a key or building access:

Key requests for students must be submitted by an appropriate faculty or staff member

Faculty or staff may submit requests via email to one of the CECS Department Access Coordinators (DACs) who can approve and forward them to Facilities/Public Safety.

  • Name:
  • Email:
  • UMID:
  • Are you requesting a key or MCard access (or both)?
  • Requester Type: Student/Staff/Faculty/Other
  • Building/Room:
  • Expiration Date: (ex. 8/31/2016)
  • If requesting MCard access, please include:
    • Days of Access: (ex. M-F, Weekends, Holidays, Business Hours, "All Times")
    • Times of Access: (ex. 8am-5pm, "All Times")
Responsibilities of key holders:

Summarized or extracted from Facilities Operations Key Policy (FO 502):

  • Ownership of Keys: All keys to University of Michigan-Dearborn facilities are the property of the University. 
  • Individual Responsibility: Individuals may use keys only in their official capacity for the University.
  • Duplication: Duplication or reproduction of keys through channels outside of the Department of Facilities Operations is prohibited. 
  • Return of University Keys: All keys will be returned to Facilities Operations upon transfer, termination, or departure from the University. Facilities Operations will provide a receipt to the person returning the key(s) and email a copy of the receipt to the DAC.
  • Worn or Broken Key: Worn or broken keys should be reported to the DAC. DAC will notify Facilities Operation that the worn or broken key should be exchanged for a new one. The keyholder should turn in the defective key when picking up the replacement.
  • Lost Keys: Lost keys should be reported immediately to the DAC. To obtain a replacement key, a new key request must be submitted.
  • Stolen Keys: Stolen keys should be reported immediately to the DAC and Public Safety. To obtain a replacement key, a new key request must be submitted.

Updated: December 18, 2017

Office of the Dean

Heinz Prechter Engineering Complex (HPEC)
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