Experiential Honors Program

The CECS Experiential Honors Program inspires the intellectual and leadership growth of students beyond academics. The program equips students with knowledge and skills that enhance their leadership and their preparedness to meet the challenges of their future engineering careers.

Program Features

The Experiential Honors Program has two groups of elements: An Academic Element and Experiential and Leadership Elements.  The Academic Element provides knowledge on design innovation and entrepreneurship. The Experiential and Leadership Elements focus on implementing academic knowledge in professional experience, engineering design, and/or engineering research.

Students will earn recognition for each element of the program by enrolling in Experiential Honors courses associated with the program elements. Those who complete the Academic Element and the Experiential Learning and Leadership Elements in a period of four consecutive semesters, will receive an Experiential Honors notation on their transcript upon graduation. It is worth noting that all program requirements can be completed within the academic requirements of the student’s degree program.

Apply via the online application:

CECS Experiential Honors Program Application

Elements of the Program

Students are expected to enroll in a minimum of one credit hour for each of the four semesters that they are actively participating in the program.  Over the four semesters in the program, students should take at least one course listed in the Academic Elements and at least 3 courses listed in the Experiential Learning and Leadership Elements.

It is recommended that students accepted into the program meet at the beginning with their program advisor to plan their courses.  In addition, it is recommended that students meet with the advisor each semester to ensure they are completing the program in a timely manner.  An advising worksheet can be downloaded to help plan their courses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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