Resources for Faculty Research

Here you will find a list of tools and resources to aid in your research. Currently you will find items on data management, standing NSF proposals, and information from the 2016 NSF Grants Conference, with more to come soon.

Engineering Librarian Services

The Engineering Librarian supports the College of Engineering and Computer Science by assisting students and faculty with research, information literacy, publishing, and teaching initiatives. 

Research Education

The Research Education program provided by the Mardigian Library offers course-related instruction to help students conduct academic research and become more information literate. The role of the Engineering Librarian is to partner with instructional faculty to help students achieve learning outcomes such as information literacy, written communication, problem solving, creative thinking and integrative learning.

Students will:

  • Use higher quality sources for their research projects or papers
  • Produce high quality projects and papers
  • Feel more comfortable using the library
  • Gain self-confidence in their research skills
  • Learn research strategies that can save them time
  • Become independent researchers.

The Engineering Librarian collaborates with faculty to develop individualized sessions for classes that can include:

  • An in-class presentation on research tools and strategies that directly relate to class assignments
  • Creating customized Research Guides or Research Tip Sheets to be distributed to students either in-person or through Canvas
  • Locating print and electronic resources that best support your research needs
  • Evaluating sources and information
  • Understanding general library content and services,  as well as engineering/computer science focused resources such as online databases, eBooks, and standards.
  • Developing search strategies that will save time and effort
  • Locating information on citation formatting styles (IEEE, ACM, ASME, AIP, etc)
  • Strategies for avoiding plagiarism
  • Locating standards and data sets
  • Literature reviews
  • Scholarly publishing
  • Citation management systems
Supporting Faculty Research

The Engineering Librarian supports faculty research, publishing and teaching initiatives through:

  • Reviewing data management plans (DMPs) for grant applications such as NSF, DOE, etc.
  • Assisting in depositing articles and/or data into the University of Michigan’s institutional repositories Deep Blue and Deep Blue Data
  • Identifying primary or supplementary resources that support faculty lectures
  • Keeping faculty aware of new print and electronic research tools added to the library’s collection
  • Informing faculty of new books available for purchase
  • Giving faculty the opportunity to test and give feedback on trial databases
  • Citation management systems
  • Scholarly online presence (ORCID, etc)
  • Scholarly metrics

Lab Safety Training

Environmental Health and Safety offers two on-line lab safety modules available for faculty, staff, and students to obtain appropriate lab safety training in the following subject matters:

  • Comprehensive Lab Safety Training
  • Biosafety/ Bloodborne Pathogens

EHS will manage on-line trainee documentation with a spreadsheet attached to this Google Form program. So we will have a running list of who has signed up and who has passed the quiz. The training is password protected for UM-Dearborn students, staff, faculty only. EHS will offer certificates for anyone who has successfully passed the associated lab safety quiz.

EHS and CECS will still offer classroom sessions, as we always have. We encourage anyone who needs lab safety training immediately, to take the appropriate on-line safety course. We also encourage the same person to take the next scheduled classroom session on the same subject so they can re-affirm what they went through in the on-line course. Personal interaction with a trainer is beneficial, especially if you have a question or are not clear on the training material. 

Office of the Dean

Heinz Prechter Engineering Complex (HPEC)
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