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This page contains resources to assist with building or refreshing an online course.  It also has information regarding CECS policies and procedures related to online instruction.

CECS Digital Ambassadors

Looking for peer support in developing or improving an online course?  Look no further!  CECS Digital Ambassadors are available to provide peer review, guidance with online teaching techniques or help with a Canvas tool or function.  Each Ambassador has demonstrated competence in modern online teaching with a student focus.

Amanda Esquivel (ME) aoe@umich.edu

Fred Feng (IMSE) fredfeng@umich.edu

Tanjore (Jay) Jayaraman (ME) tvjraman@umich.edu

Sang-Hwan Kim (IMSE) dysart@umich.edu

Samir Rawashdeh (ECE)  srawa@umich.edu

Shengquan Wang (CIS) shqwang@umich.edu

Paul Watta (ECE) watta@umich.edu

Training and Workshops

Opportunities to learn more about Canvas, online teaching methods, and more!

Canvas Training Offered by the office of Digital Education

Click below to view Canvas training videos about the various topics and tools noted.

Video Recording Options

CECS faculty have several options available for video recording.  These options are supported by the CECS Online team.

To schedule a recording appointment please complete this request form and a CECS Online team member will contact you to confirm your needs.

NEW - CECS Video Recording Studio

The College of Engineering and Computer Science Online team is pleased to announce the opening of a Video Production Studio!

The studio, located in room 1310 PEC, is equipped with a green screen, specialized lighting and cameras as well as a computer, Wacom board and document camera. The studio will provide faculty space and resources to think creatively about new ways to deliver engaging and accessible course content, leading to better learning outcomes and student success. The CECS Online team is excited to work with faculty and instructional designers to create high quality video productions that can be used for multiple educational purposes.

Interested? Check out this short video to see what you can do in the studio!

Ready to jump right in?  Use the CECS Online Video Team Request form to schedule a time to meet with the video production team and start creating!

Mediasite Lecture Capture Recording

The Professional Education Center classrooms are equipped with everything you need to record a high quality lecture video.  These videos can be edited and posted by the CECS Online video production team or can be managed directly by each instructor.

Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR)

This recording option allows you to record from your office or home.  A high speed internet connection, webcam, microphone and headset (recommended) are required.  Watch a quick video to learn how to access this flexible recording option.  CECS Faculty can download the MDR from the Software Center shortcut on any university machine desktop.

Recording At Your Campus Location

The CECS Online Team is equipped and ready to come to set up at your laboratory or other campus location to record a laboratory demonstration, research overview, self introduction or other academic related recording you request.  Complete the CECS Video Team Request Form to get your recording appointment scheduled.


MiVideo is the University of Michigan instance of Kaltura, which allows you to record from your desktop.  More information is available here.

Synchronous Tools

These tools are available for meetings, office hours, group discussions or when real-time communication is desired.


Zoom web conference meetings are available as a tool within your Canvas course or by logging in with your umich credentials.

Web Tool

Access the stand-alone conference tool by logging into zoom.umich.edu with your umich credentials.


In the desired Canvas course, access Settings > Navigation and assure Zoom is visible within the course.  Then access Zoom in the Navigation Bar on the left side of the course.

Google Meet

Google Meet (formerly known as Google Hangouts Meet) is a videoconferencing service allowing U-M students, faculty, and staff to connect and collaborate with live video, audio, and screen sharing. With Meet you can work from home or abroad and join meetings, conference calls, and group discussions from any computer or mobile device. 

Please follow the directions at https://its.umich.edu/communication/collaboration/google/meet for accessing Google Meet spaces.

Big Blue Button (formerly Canvas Conferences)

Big Blue Button (formerly Canvas Conferences) is a web conference tool built directly inside of each Canvas course.  Here, students and instructors can meet and live stream video and a virtual whiteboard.

In the desired Canvas course, access Settings > Navigation and assure Big Blue Button is visible within the course.  Then access Big Blue Button in the Navigation Bar on the left side of the course.

* Please note that recordings created in Big Blue Button are only available for 7 days after creation and are not downloadable.

Canvas Chat

Canvas Chat is a tool that allows students and faculty to have text-based, live discussions.

In the desired Canvas course, access Settings > Navigation and assure Chat is visible within the course.  Then access Chat in the Navigation Bar on the left side of the course.

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