Path to Degree

Master's and doctoral students will find information, policies, and procedures for each step of the way to degree completion. 


Path to Degree: Master's Students

Path to Degree: Doctoral Students

Under the sections below, you will find policies, procedures, and any required forms for each step or milestone required for the doctoral degree. Additional forms are also provided under the "Advising and Registration" section on the main page menu.

Academic, Milestones, and Time to Degree Extension Petitions

As stated in the University's Catalog, "students are responsible for complying with all policies and deadlines at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. The University's academic policies, procedures, and deadlines can be found online in the Catalog. Students may submit a petition for course-related, milestones, and time to degree extension policies when unusual and extenuating circumstances exist. Not all academic policies petition requests are granted.

To submit the online petition located on the University's Academic Petition page. This is the only petition form that students should use. Links to additional University guidance on petitions are provided in the catalog linked above.

Doctoral students, see below for guidance on timeline and milestone extensions.

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