Current Graduate Students

Academic advising is primarily done by faculty advisors with expertise in the area and with the support of our knowledgeable graduate staff.  Our collaborative advising model not only addresses accessibility and availability but also provides a comprehensive and effective advising experience for our graduate students.  

This page offers a list of relevant resources for current master's and doctoral students.  You will find:

  • Advising, Registration, and Academic Planning Resources
  • Internship Guidelines
  • Special Requests and Petitions Information and Forms
  • Most Requested Forms
  • CECS Graduate Programs Staff

Additional guidance is located on the Path to the Degree page.  Graduate students should feel free to contact the department's graduate program coordinator for assistance with questions not answered here.

Master's Degree Student Advising

A list of faculty advisors by department and program is provided below.  Additional information and resources are located under Path to Degree.

Computer and Information Science (CIS) Faculty Advisors

Computer and Information Science

Dr. David Yoon   T:313-583-9146  Office: 104 CIS


Cybersecurity and Information Assurance

Dr. Jinhua Guo  T: 313-583-6439  Office: 211 CIS


Data Science

Dr. Jie Shen  T:313-593-5680   Office: 207 CIS


Software Engineering

Dr. Zhiwei (Tommy) Xu  T: 313-583-6436    Office: 216 CIS

Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Faculty Advisors

MSE-Computer Engineering:

Dr. H. Malik               T: (313)593-5677        Office: 2065 ELB

Dr. S. Rawashdeh      T: 313-593-5466       Office: 2047 ELB

Dr. A. Shaout         T: 313-593-5308        Office: 2070 IAVS


MSE-Electrical Engineering:

Dr. S. Awad               T: 313-593-5523        Office: 2055 ELB

Dr. J. Hong                  T: 313-593-5072      Office: 2072 IAVS


MSE-Energy Systems Engineering:

Dr. T. Kim                       T: 313-583-6736           Office: 2031 ELB

Dr. C. Lee                             T: 313-583-6792          Office: 2241 HPEC

Dr. G. Reyes-Villanueva        T: 313-593-3673          Office: 1292 HPEC


MSE-Robotics Engineering: 

Dr. A. Mohammadi   T: 313-583-6767     Office: 2057 ELB

Dr. J. Kwon                         T: 313-583-6590     Office: 2069 ELB

Dr. S. Rawashdeh                T: 313-593-5466    Office: 2047 ELB

Industrial Systems and Manufacturing Engineering (IMSE) Faculty Advisors

Engineering Management

Dr. Armen Zakarian        

Mr.Joe Woods    T: 313-593-5361     Office: 2340 HPEC


Human-Centered Design and Engineering

Dr. Sang-Hwan Kim

Mr.Joe Woods    T: 313-593-5361     Office: 2340 HPEC


Industrial Systems Engineering

Dr. Bochen Jia

Mr.Joe Woods    T: 313-593-5361     Office: 2340 HPEC


Information Systems Technology

Dr. Onur Ulgen     T: 313-593-5246     Office: 2310 HPEC

Mr.Joe Woods    T: 313-593-5361     Office: 2340 HPEC

Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Dr. Armen Zakarian        

Mr. Joe Woods    T: 313-593-5361     Office: 2340 HPEC


Program and Project Management

Dr. Armen Zakarian         

Mr. Joe Woods    T: 313-593-5361     Office: 2340 HPEC

Mechanical Engineering (ME) Faculty Advisors


Dr. Alan Argento

Ms. Rebekah Awood    T: 313-593-5241   Office:1340 HPEC


Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Oleg Zikanov

Ms. Rebekah Awood    T: 313-593-5241   Office:1340 HPEC


Automotive Systems Engineering

Dr. Taehyun Shim

Ms. Sherry Boyd      T:313-593-5582     Office: 2200 HPEC

Ph.D. Student Advising

Ph.D. students receive advising from the assigned Faculty/Research Advisor and Mentor.  If you have not identified your Faculty Advisor, please contact your department Ph.D. Program Chair for advising.  Students are required to meet with the Faculty Advisor to complete the Plan of Study within the first term and at a minimum, once a year to complete the Annual Progress Review.  

For additional online information, guidance, and forms for the Ph.D. review the Path to the Degree page.

Graduate Guidelines for CPT, OPT & Doctoral Summer Internships

Please note that students are required to adhere to any additional department guidelines or policies regarding CPT/OPT and Doctoral Summer Internships. 

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Requirements

Students interested in applying for CPT should strictly adhere to the following procedures:  

Effective from Winter 2021


  1. Students must be enrolled full-time for two consecutive semesters prior to CPT.  Summer can be counted if it is enrolled full-time.
  2. Students must have a GPA of 3.0 or above (good academic standing) to apply.

Procedure and Documents required to apply:

  1. Deadlines for CPT applications follow the campus registration Add/Drop deadlines. After the deadline, applicants must submit petitions to their department chair for approval and petitions have to be submitted within the first four weeks of the semester.
  2. Applicants must obtain a job offer letter from the prospective employer. The letter must:
    1. Be printed on company letterhead showing company address (site name and detail location address if different than the company’s address most be provided)
    2. Indicate the job title and describe the work the student will do (job has to be in the student’s field of study)
    3. Indicate specific start date of employment (and end date, if applicable)
    4. Indicate the number of hours the student will work per week
  1. Applicants must provide a written statement that clearly indicates how CPT is a good opportunity for improving their educational experience (that is, how the concepts learned in their coursework will be applied through employment).
  2. Applicants should bring all CPT related forms and documents to their home departments Graduate Programs Coordinator to request approval and they will obtain signatures from the chair.
  3. Students must apply for CPT authorization through the International Office website:

Course Enrollment Requirements:

  1. Full time CPT (working 21 or more hours/week): CPT ENGR 500 (1 credit hour) + minimum of 3 credit hours enrollment in coursework related to major
  2. Part time CPT (working 20 or fewer hours/week): CPT ENGR 501(1 credit hour) + minimum of 6 credit hours enrollment in course work related to major

Students Completing CPT:

  1. At the end of each semester when ENGR 500 or ENGR 501 is enrolled, students must provide a written report to the chair of their home department describing how the knowledge gained from their coursework has been implemented during their work experience. This report will be used to assign a pass/fail grade for the CPT course.
  2. Students must re-apply for CPT every semester (see procedure above).
  3. The total duration of CPT should be no more than 365 days.
Optional Practical Training (OPT) Requirements

All students interested in applying for OPT: 

  1. Optional Practical Training (OPT) Requirements

All students interested in applying for OPT should strictly adhere to the following procedures:

1. Must be registered full-time and have completed at least one academic year in a degree-seeking program.

2. Can perform OPT as:

  • Pre-Completion OPT
    • Full-or part-time OPT during summer vacation
    • Part-time OPT only while school is in session and students must be registered full-time
  • Post-Completion OPT after completion of coursework (excluding thesis or the equivalent)

3. Must apply for OPT before completion of study.

4. Must complete the OPT application documents located on the OIA website:

Doctoral Students Summer Internships Requirements

Requirements for Application Request:

  • Internships are not allowed during the Fall and Winter terms during the doctoral studies.
  • If the faculty advisor or department does not have (GSI /GSRA) funding to support doctoral students during the summer, the student may apply for an internship during the summer term only.
  • The internship application should be endorsed by the Faculty Advisor and the Program Director/Committee.
  • Internship work is encouraged to be closely related to the dissertation research or related to the faculty advisor‘s research funding.
  • Applicants must be in good academic standing and making good progress towards the degree.
  • The student is responsible to pay for the internship course credit and any related fees required.
  • International students are required to register for the CPT course, ENGR 500. Credits for ENGR 500 will not count toward any doctoral degree requirements.
CPT Application and Petition Deadlines

Fall 2021:

For students who register for a CPT course in Fall 2021:

Application Deadline : September 15th, 2021 ( Campus Fall 2021 add/drop deadline)

Last day to submit a petition: September 29th, 2021

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