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CECS Current Graduate Student Information

Academic advising is primarily done by faculty advisors with expertise in the area and with the support of our knowledgeable graduate staff.  Our collaborative advising model not only addresses accessibility and availability but also provides a comprehensive and effective advising experience for our graduate students.  

This page offers a list of relevant resources for current master's and doctoral students.  You will find:

  • Advising, Registration, and Academic Planning Resources
  • Internship Guidelines
  • Special Requests and Petitions Information and Forms
  • Most Requested Forms
  • CECS Graduate Programs Staff

Additional guidance is located on the Path to the Degree page.  Graduate students should feel free to contact the department's graduate program coordinator for assistance with questions not answered here.

Master's Degree Student Advising

A list of faculty advisors by department and program is provided below. Additional information and resources are located under Path to Degree.

Course Registration

Term Registration Maximum Policy

The maximum credits any CECS graduate student may register for is nine (9) credits each term. Registration above the maximum requires a petition.

To assist with academic planning and registration, you may use the following resources:

  • To check your progress towards your degree - Degree Works
  • To view this semester's courses and register - My UM-Dearborn

Academic Planning Resources

Use the academic calendar to see important dates, including the last day to drop and add courses. 

Special Requests and Petitions

For more information, or if you are in need of assistance, please contact your department's graduate staff.

Graduate Guidelines for CPT, OPT & Doctoral Summer Internships

Please note that students are required to adhere to any additional department guidelines or policies regarding CPT/OPT and Doctoral Summer Internships.

Ph.D. Student Advising

Ph.D. students receive advising from the assigned Faculty/Research Advisor and Mentor.  If you have not identified your Faculty Advisor, please contact your department Ph.D. Program Chair for advising.  Students are required to meet with the Faculty Advisor to complete the Plan of Study within the first term and at a minimum, once a year to complete the Annual Progress Review.  

For additional online information, guidance, and forms for the Ph.D. review the Path to the Degree page.

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