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The College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) offers 5 doctoral programs: 4 full-time Ph.D. programs and one part-time Doctor of Engineering (D. Eng.) program. In CECS, we are committed to excellence. Our doctoral programs are administered and taught by tenure-track faculty with active theoretical and translational research interests. Students and faculty work collaboratively and develop strong mentor relationships. 

Located in the automotive industry's global epicenter in Metro Detroit, the university has developed strategic partnerships with major automobile companies and suppliers. Faculty and students have a variety of opportunities and regularly collaborate on innovative research with industry partners. 



We offer both the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and the Doctor of Engineering (D. Eng.)

Rackham Graduate School Ph.D. Programs

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.): Full-time five-year research-based programs. The programs are designed to train and develop students to become academic and research scholars. The four Ph.D. programs of the Rackham Graduate School of the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor are located, administered, and offered by UM-Dearborn. These programs observe the standards for admissions, registration, degree requirements, awarding of degrees, and other administrative policies and regulations established by the Executive Board of the Rackham Graduate School. 

Funding Support for Ph.D. Programs

The four Ph.D. programs are fully-funded. We understand the financial commitment of continuing your education, and we want to help. Students admitted receiving full-funding in the form of an appointment as Graduate Student Instructor (GSI), Research Assistant (GSRA), or a combination of both. This covers a competitive monthly stipend, health insurance, and tuition waiver.

Programs for Working Professionals

Doctor of Engineering (D.Eng.): Full-time or part-time program geared toward working professionals with prior professional experience in mobility and the automotive industry. This professional degree centers on engineering practice and application, problem-solving skills, and innovation to prepare graduates for technical leadership roles in the automotive and mobility industry. 

Featured Profile

Ahmad Nasser, Ph.D. in Information Systems Engineering '19
Cybersecurity Architect

When I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering in 2001, I had an opportunity to pursue a Ph.D. but I declined it to pursue a career in the automotive industry. 

At the time I was eager to start earning an income and building my life. Roughly,12 years later, I found myself in need of a new challenge. Fascinated by advances in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, I decided to enroll in the UM-Dearborn Ph.D. program. My first course in machine learning with Dr. Murphey sparked in me that same excitement of my early Bachelor's degree. I instantly realized then that this is where I belonged. Having spent several years in the industry gave me a new perspective on the academic material, as I could now clearly link it to real-world problems that I was facing at work. One of those problems was cybersecurity and automotive applications. So, I took a class in computer network security with Dr. Di Ma and I knew then, that had to be my field of research. My research work exposed me to various areas in cybersecurity and allowed me to evolve both as an Engineer and a Scientist. The highlight of my time at UM-Dearborn was in meeting the many talented professors and students who were eager to help and collaborate. Being able to imagine solutions to theoretical problems and then putting those ideas to test was both challenging and satisfying. Since my graduation, I have changed positions within my company to the role of Cyber Security Architect, which allows me to work on future architectures of automotive computer chips.

Although the Ph.D. journey was tough, I am glad I was able to persevere and finish my degree. I have big plans ahead and I truly owe it to the great support network both at UM-Dearborn and at home.


CECS Graduate Education Office

Heinz Prechter Engineering Complex (HPEC)

Our graduate degree programs are designed for working professionals.

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