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Faculty Governance

Faculty governance within the College of Engineering and Computer Science is exercised through regular meetings of the Governing Faculty. The University of Michigan-Dearborn's instrument of faculty governance is the Faculty Senate.

Governing and Advisory Bodies

For more detail on the college's governing and advisory bodies, please refer to the CECS Bylaws.

Executive Committee

"The Executive Committee is charged with investigating and formulating educational, research, and instructional policies for consideration by The Faculty, and it shall act for The College in matters related to curriculum, budget, promotions, appointments, facilities, academic and disciplinary appeals, and other affairs." (CECS Bylaws, Section V.2.

Department Representative Term End

Ghassan Kridli, Dean (Ex officio)

Di Ma, Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Research

Brahim Medjahed, Associate Dean for Undergrad Education and Associate Dean of Rackham Graduate School

Computer and Information Science

Shengquan Wang

Kiumi Akingbehin, alternate

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Hafiz Malik

Ya Sha Yi, Alternate

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Cheol Lee

Onur Ulgen, alternate

Mechanical Engineering

Taehyun Shim

German Reyes-Villanueva, alternate


Yubao Chen

Marouane Kessentini, alternate



CECS Senate Liaison Yubao Chen  
Administrative Council

"The Administrative Council shall provide a means of maintaining communication throughout The College, its members being responsible for relaying information disseminated at the meetings. The Administrative Council shall review, discuss, and advise on matters that concern the interests and welfare of The College, including the recommendations of the Curriculum Coordinating Committee." (CECS Bylaws, Section V.5.Meeting minutes can be accessed via U-M Box.

Current membership:

  • Ghassan Kridli, Dean (ex officio)
  • Brahim Medjahed, Associate Dean for Undergrad Education and Associate Dean of Rackham Graduate School
  • Di Ma, Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Research
  • John Cristiano, Assistant Dean - Research Development and Strategic Initiatives 
  • Eric Kirk, Director of Facilities and Laboratory Safety
  • Leigh McGrath, Director of Business Operations
  • Lisa Remsing Hall, Director, Office of Advising and Academic Success
  • Sue Guinn, Director, CECS Online
  • Kelly Cronin, Director of Development, College of Engineering and Computer Science
Curriculum Coordinating Committees

"There shall be two College of Engineering and Computer Science Curriculum Coordinating Committees: an Undergraduate Curriculum Coordinating Committee and a Graduate Curriculum Coordinating Committee. The membership of each of these two committees shall consist of one faculty member from each academic department, selected by the Department Chairs, and an at-large representative appointed by the Dean from The Faculty. The departmental members will be appointed by the Dean to staggered three-year terms, each term to begin on September 1. The at-large representative shall have an indeterminate term of office and shall have the special responsibility to maintain an in-depth knowledge of the status of the common core courses required of all engineering students and the non-technical electives of most interest to engineering students. A faculty member may serve concurrently as a department representative on both curriculum coordinating committees.

An alternate member for each of the regular members shall also be appointed. The term of the alternate member shall be the same as the term of the regular member. The alternate member shall attend meetings in the absence of the regular member.

Each of the two Curriculum Coordinating Committees shall be chaired by a designated Associate Dean or a faculty representative appointed by the Dean. The Committees shall (1) serve as the focal points for the approval of new courses and modifications to existing courses; (2) serve as the focal points for discussion and suggesting changes in the curricula of the College, including new programs, modifications to existing programs, and changes in required courses that are offered by other academic units and (3) periodically request department faculties to reexamine their curricula or specific courses." (CECS Bylaws, Section V.6.)

The committees meet once per month, September through April. Members may access the Curriculum Coordinating Committee online.

Department Membership Term End
Committee Chairs

Brahim Medjahed, Undergraduate

Di Ma, Graduate

Computer and Information Science

Shengquan Wang, Undergraduate

Jie Shen, Graduate


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Adnan Shaout

Selim Awad (Alternate)



Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Onur Ulgen

Zhen Hu, alternate

Mechanical Engineering

Hong-Tae Kang, Graduate

Taehyun Shim, Graduate Alt

Eric Ratts, Undergraduate

Alan Argento, Undergraduate Alt


Amanda Esquivel, Undergraduate

Sang-Hwan Kim, Graduate

Governing Faculty

"The term Governing Faculty with right to vote shall include those members of the College who have tenured and tenure track faculty appointments as professors, associate professors, or assistant professors. The governing faculty shall also include instructors and lecturers who hold appointments of one-half time or more, provided, however, that such instructors and lecturers may vote at faculty meetings only if they have held appointments for more than one year and are authorized to vote by the professorial staff of the College. The term The Faculty used in these rules means Governing Faculty of The College. Instructors and lecturers of more than one year standing and members of the teaching staff, research staff, and professional staff may be designated as members of The Faculty by a majority vote of governing faculty members present and voting at any governing faculty meeting of The College. Those so designated will remain members of The Faculty until termination of employment in The College or until such time as their status is revoked by a majority vote of The Faculty present and voting at any governing faculty meeting of The College." (CECS Bylaws, Section II.1.)

Faculty Secretary: Kiumi Akingbehin

The Governing Faculty meets four times per year: October, November, February, and March. 

CECS Grievance Policy

Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in courses offered by CECS are expected to act professionally towards their peers, as well as the faculty and staff members of the College. The students are also expected to uphold the highest level of academic and personal integrity. The students should expect members of the college faculty and staff to act professionally and demonstrate the high integrity that characterizes the professional academic community. In the event a student files a grievance regarding a CECS faculty or staff member, or academic practices and policies, the College is committed to addressing the students concern swiftly in accordance with the procedures outlined in this document.

How to Report an Incident on Campus

The University of Michigan-Dearborn is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for all students, faculty, staff and visitors on campus.

The University of Michigan Compliance Hotline is a tool for U-M employees, students, vendors and others to raise concerns regarding financial, regulatory, NCAA, substance abuse and patient safety issues.

The Campus-Wide Incident Reporting Website is a central area to report incidents of discrimination, harassment, hate, bias, sexual assault and instances of concern, safety and campus community wellbeing. If there is an emergency, immediately call 9-1-1. 

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