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This is an image of how an E-portfolio is expressed to others around the world.


The MPortfolio is a digital representation of your own individualized journey through your professional preparation program. It provides a space for you to publicly share your reflections on your learning as well as sample artifacts that demonstrate your growth and understanding of key concepts. 

Accessing the CEHHS MPortfolio Template

Components of the MPortfolio

Depending on the course that you are in, your portfolio pages may vary. The following pages that might be included in your portfolio are the Welcome Page, Autobiography, Teaching Philosophy, Standards, and Examples of Work (Artifacts). The sections below provide a general overview of the purpose for each page, but you are still responsible to follow the rubric guidelines that have been provided to you.  

Design tips to create your Portfolio

1. Define your purpose

By defining your purpose think about your audience and what you want to achieve with your portfolio. Showcase your best work and highlight your strengths.

2. Keep it simple

Simplicity is key! In design, less is more. Focus on showcasing your work using a simple and clean design. Use a neutral color palette and avoid clutter with too much text and images. Remember, your portfolio should be easy to navigate and visually appealing.

3. Spaces

When designing your portfolio, it can be tempting to cram everything in there. Creating an elegant and professional portfolio requires proportionate spacing of images and text. Set apart images or text with proper open spacing to create a visually pleasing page. It helps to set apart different kinds of content from each other.

4. Choosing a theme

Your theme should represent you! Showcase your goals as a future educator or educational leader. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your understanding, knowledge, and the key artifacts explored in your personal educational journey.

5. Fonts matter

When choosing the right typefaces on fonts for your portfolio, consider several factors such as legibility, readability, emotion, and tone, to name just a few. Some fonts are great for titles and headlines but not so great when it comes to the body copy. We want to create a cohesive and overall pleasing visual experience when others come across our portfolios.

6. Use professional headshots and imagery

Your profile pictures are going to be the first thing people notice when they visit your portfolio. Use a professional photo that shows you in the best possible way-smiling and relaxed. Make sure you've got a well-lit background for your profile pictures to look good. When it comes to images, make sure all images are high quality and cropped well. If there are elements of an image that aren't working for you, try making changes using online photo editing tools.

7. Check text and color contrasts for readability

When tweaking elements to make them look pretty, don't forget to check the text-contrast ratio between your fonts and background color. Text contrast is the difference between light and dark colors on a screen. The WebAIM Color Contrast Checker tool can help you create accessible and readable content for visitors, especially for those with vision impairments. 

8. Showcase your personality in design choices

When you're creating your portfolio do not be afraid to add a bit of your own unique personality into the mix. It's important that you let some of your characteristic flairs shine through in color and style choices for your portfolio. That's what will make your work truly shine.

Need Help?

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