MTTC Elementary Grade Band Exams

The Michigan Test for Teacher Certification exams are required for all students in a grade-band elementary certification program and must be passed prior to recommendation for certification to the Michigan Department of Education.

The Elementary grade-band MTTCs require passing of 4 subtests (Professional Knowledge, Literacy, Mathematics, and Science and Social Studies):

  • Early Childhood General and Special Education (#134) required for students pursuing the Birth to Kindergarten Education grade band.
  • Lower Elementary Education (#117-120) required for students pursuing the Pre-Kindergarten to Third Grade band.
  • Upper Elementary Education(#121-124) required for students pursuing the Third to Sixth Grade band.

* Required to take all 8 subtests if pursuing both grade bands.

Please note that you are not eligible to take your MTTC exam until you have applied, and been accepted to student teaching. The recommended timeline for testing is as follows:

  • Fall Student Teachers- Summer semester prior to student teaching or during Fall semester of student teaching
  • Winter Student Teachers- Over winter break of during Winter semester of student teaching


Please visit the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification website to obtain information regarding test dates and registration procedures.

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