Information for Certified Teachers

Enroll in a program to upgrade to the professional education certificate or add an endorsement.

Candidates may apply to the Professional Education Certificate Program (PEC), the Enhancement Program (EP) or to a Master’s Degree Program at the UM-Dearborn to obtain the credit hours necessary to renew, upgrade and/or add an endorsement to the standard certificate.

Both the Standard Teaching Certificate and the Professional Teaching Certificate are five-year teaching certificates with unlimited renewals. Each renewal adds five years to the certificate’s validity.  A renewal can be requested any time after January 1 of the expiration year.

Application for progression to the Professional Certificate may occur

  • After three (3) years of successful teaching since the issue date of the initial Standard Teaching Certificate, and
  • Within the content areas and grade level of the Standard Teaching Certificate; and
  • Other requirements as detailed in the Michigan Department of Education link below

Progressing to Professional Certificate


The university reserves the right to accept or reject courses submitted for credit. Junior college, community college and correspondence credit is not acceptable. Course work completed before the issuance of the original certificate may not be applied unless an advanced degree (master’s or doctorate) was earned.

If you have earned a master’s or higher degree from a regionally accredited institution outside of the state of Michigan, you must contact the teacher preparation and certification unit of the Michigan Department of Education for instructions. The university does not handle this procedure.                               

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