Apprenticeships and Clinical Experiences for Grade Band Education

Education clinical placements are essential experiences in teacher preparation, while internships are an excellent opportunity to jump-start your career!

They provide opportunities to work with Birth-Grade 12 students and learn from teachers across multiple disciplines. All clinical experiences are assigned and confirmed through CEHHS Field Placement. 

Exploratory and Flex Hours

Each EXPLORATORY experience requires 10-hours in an educational context. Early in the program, students complete three exploratory courses.

 FLEX hours allow for various clinical experiences across a student's preparation program. Not all programs will have flex hours. 


Each APPRENTICESHIP requires two 7-week experiences in two grade levels. Students complete one 7-week experience and then flip with another student to gain another 7-week experience. Each week, students commit to two days a week in the classroom, ideally consecutively, totaling 28 days across the semester.

Please note that both Apprenticeships are required and should be completed in order. 

Students must complete an Apprenticeship I or Apprenticeship II application by the required application due date below. Late applications will not be accepted. 

  • Fall Application Deadline: April 1st 
  • Winter Application Deadline: October 1st


In order to be prepared for these practicums, students must have the proper clearances on file  including the Criminal Background Check form, Bloodborne Pathogens training, and the Video Recording Consent form. More information on these clearances and can be found below. 

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