Teaching Internship Eligibility for Grade Band Certification

The teaching internship is the culminating experience required as the last step of completing a grade band teacher certification degree program.

Each of the grade band certification programs (B.A. Birth to Kindergarten Education, B.A. Elementary Education, and B.A. in Secondary Education) are structured in five phases. Students must complete all of the requirements in one phase before moving on to the next, ultimately leading to a teaching internship.

Course sequencing is particularly important for these programs and so while we do not require advising, we highly encourage meeting or connecting with an advisor prior to registration each semester.

Pre-Professional Studies (Phase I)

Pre-professional studies courses prepare students for future, more advanced, coursework with foundational, professional knowledge and exploratory clinical hours.

Professional Studies (Phase II)

Professional Studies coursework introduces students to methodology and strategies in teaching content in specific grade bands and prepare students for clinical hours in Apprenticeships.

Apprenticeship I (Phase III)

Apprenticeship I allows students to begin developing and practicing delivering lesson plans to students in specific grade bands. The Field Placement team places students in schools with which we have affiliation agreements. 

Apprenticeship II (Phase IV)

Apprenticeship II builds on the experience of the first apprenticeships and offers students the opportunity to build confidence in their abilities as a teacher with the support and guidance of a university supervisor and cooperating teacher. The Field Placement team places students in schools with which we have affiliation agreements. 

Applying for the Teaching Internship

Failure to complete and submit the Teaching Internship Application by the required application due date will delay the internship until a future semester. Please click on the links below to access and complete required forms. Late applications will not be accepted. 

  • Fall Teaching Internship Application Deadline: April 1st
  • Winter Teaching Internship Application Deadline: October 1st

Students must meet the eligibility criteria for the internship at the time of application as well as at the start of the internship semester. No exceptions or petitions of this policy will be considered.

Teaching Internship (Phase V)

The Teaching Internship is the culminating experience of the grade band certification programs. Students can do their internship in either the Fall or Winter semesters and requires a completed application submitted by a deadline:

  • Fall Internship Applications Due April 1st
  • Winter Internship Applications Due October 1st

MTTC exams are not required prior to student teaching, but are required prior to recommendation to the Michigan Department of Education for your teacher certification. Students are not eligible to take their MTTC exam(s) until they have successfully applied for the teaching internship.

Recommended testing timeline:

  • Fall Interns- Summer semester prior to student teaching or during Fall semester of teaching internship
  • Winter Interns- Over winter break of during Winter semester of teaching internship

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