Student Teaching Eligibility for Level-Based Certification

Student teaching is the culminating experience in a candidate's teacher preparation that provides scaffolded opportunities under the guidance of a mentor/cooperating teacher and university supervisor, leading to teacher certification.

In order to be eligible to student teach, please work with your academic advisors and Field Placement Office personnel to navigate the pathway to student teaching.

  1. Acceptance to UM-Dearborn with expressed interest in teacher certification
  2. Progress of Phase II coursework (general education, pre-educational studies, and major/minor requirements)
  3. Complete Phase III Form (must have earned 55 credits, have a 2.75 GPA, taken the English Placement Exam, and completed COMP 227 if prescribed)
  4. Complete Educational Professional Sequence (methods courses)
  5. Submit required application by deadline (students must have a GPA equal to or greater than 2.75 in their major, minor, and Educational Professional Sequence at time of application and going into their student teaching semester) NOTE: Each application is for the upcoming semester only. If you are denied permission, ineligible, or otherwise do not student teach for the upcoming semester, you must resubmit a student teaching application by the deadline stated below to be considered for student teaching in another semester.
    1. Fall Student Teaching Application Deadline: April 1
    2. Winter Student Teaching Application Deadline: October 1
  6. Students are notified of their placement and connected with their cooperating teacher by the CEHHS Field Placement Manager.
  7. Students review Student Teaching Orientation by invitation in June or December prior to the semester of student teaching. Confirmation of review is required in order to register for student teaching.
  8. Students start in their placements on the first day of the K-12 school in the location they are placed (Fall: First day of school, Winte: First day following winter break).
  9. Take and pass MTTC Subject Exam (NOTE: Students are not required to have their MTTC completed by the application deadline in order to student teach, but in accordance with the Michigan Department of Education, they must complete the MTTC requirement before they can be recommended for certification)
    1. Elementary Education: MTTC Elementary Education (103)
    2. Secondary Education: MTTC Exam in Major required, Minor recommended

Applying for Student Teaching

Failure to complete and submit the Student Teaching Application by the required application due date will delay student teaching until a future semester. Please click on the links below to access and complete required forms. Late applications will not be accepted. 

  • Fall Student Teaching Application Deadline: April 1st
  • Winter Student Teaching Application Deadline: October 1st

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